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Communication and Media Studies

Aim of the Program:

The Communication and Media Studies Master Programme is a developed programme that aims to improve the ability of analyzing and interpreting knowledge for those who want to follow the current communication events within a specific area of study and who wants to become qualified in these fields. In the main programme modules are studied in the use of the internet, the ability to research the effects and usage area of new communication technologies and also elective lessons where students can improve themselves in their own fields such as  political communication, popular communication and media, the management of media institutions, organisational communication, comparative communication systems and media criticism.

The Communication and Media Studies Master programme is carried out in English and offers two choices of a diploma or a certificate though in both options it is compulsory to take modules in the New Communication Technologies and the Theories of Communication. In the Certificate programme students have to take seven courses plus elective courses, a seminar and prepare a thesis. In the Diploma programme students must take ten courses and prepare a term project.

Academic Program (Thesis)

Academic Program (Non-Thesis)