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Clinical Psychology

The Department of Psychology, affiliated to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in CIU, started in 20120 with four-year Bachelor program in English, and Bachelor program in Turkish was added in 2014. Throughout their Bachelor learning, the students are expected to learn about theoretical knowledge within the current scope of Psychology and carry out related experimental studies to develop their practical skills in Neuropsychological Laboratory which was established in 2013. In addition to these, starting from 2017, 2-year Postgraduate course of Clinical Psychology is established. The main objective of the Masters of Science (MSc.) Program in Clinical Psychology is to train graduate students with theoretical efficiency and practical eligibility in the field of Clinical Psychology in TRNC. Overall, it is aimed to transform theoretical knowledge into clinical skills with related and required clinical supervision, as well as to gain experience in an applied clinical setting. In line with this object, internationally accepted standards of education, training, practice, research and ethical principles are predicated.