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Business Administration

Aim of the Program:

The Master of Business Administration Course at the Cyprus International University aims to provide individuals, wanting to be successful in a global competitive environment, with the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and skills. Our Course is designed in such a way that it teaches the knowledge needed in a professional management career in the public and private sectors.

A professional manager should have the ability to notice, determine and evaluate the elements that affect the success of a business and to put into action the necessary practices. Education and development are the most significant principles of professionalism in the modern information society. Both institutions and society need individuals capable of working independently or as part of a team, coming up with ideas, have the ability to change their habits and behaviours and adapt themselves to the changing conditions.

For this purpose there are twenty-four different courses in the Business Master Programme at CIU are under the tuition of professional academics. The main course’s essential theoretical knowledge is, in order to obtain participation and interaction, augmented by seminars and by topics that consider the problems of business management in practise.

Academic Program (Thesis)

Academic Program (Non-Thesis)