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Management Information Systems

Aim of the Program:

The aim of the programme is to educate academicians, specialized in one branch of the MIS domain, who can carry out scientific research in their field of specialization, and who can contribute to the literature through their research work. Graduates of the Management Information Systems PhD program are expected to lecture at university departments such as Management Information Systems, Information Systems, Business and so on. A further aim of the programme is to enable the graduates to take part in research projects either as directors or a researchers.

Students enrolled in the Management Information Systems Doctorate Programme will have the opportunity to study subjects such as programming languages, computer and network technologies, databases, distributed process calculations, technology trends, standardization, e-commerce, and management of software projects, mobile and embedded systems, and system analysis and design.

Upon conclusion of core courses, a student enrolled in the programme has to write a PhD dissertation that will contribute to the literature in the domain. In order to be allowed to undertake the doctoral thesis, it is necessary to be successful in the Doctoral Proficiency examination and to give a seminar on the research topic.

Academic Program