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International Relations*

About the Program

Our doctorate course aims to teach students, in a theoretical and comprehensive manner, about analysing and exploring the changing structure of international relations. Provided are all the necessary tools for doctorate students to develop analytical and critical skills with the aim of ensuring careers in public and private institutions and to support the academic and scientific studies on international relations at our University in particular and in North Cyprus in general. Our Course brings a comprehensive approach to its constituent subjects and includes debates on theoretical issues. The curriculum is regularly updated and adapts to the changing structure of international relations education in the global world and to fulfil the expectations and needs of our University. 


Educational Opportunities

The International Relations PhD program is comprised of advanced elective courses for specialized graduate students. The courses are given in advanced fields such as international relations theory, security issues, political economy, Middle East, political philosophy, comparative cultural analysis, conflict and conflict studies, and the like. Upon successful completion of the courses, the student is given a "scientific qualification examination". This examination consists of two steps, written and oral. The student's written test is entered into three scientific areas and oral tests are taken on them. Those who succeed in the exam pass to the PhD thesis writing stage and after the approval of the thesis proposal, they enter the PhD supervision juries at the end of each semester. In accordance with the regulations of our university, students have to publish an article in the scope of SSCI regarding the dissertation before the thesis defense.


Career Areas

The Department of International Relations at CIU aims to train students not only to become experts in their chosen field, but also to be able to work with an international vision. In short, using their ability and background they are able to put their theoretical and professional knowledge into practice in such organisations as:

International and National Organisations (United Nations, European Union, IMF, etc.)

Public Institutions

Multinational Companies

Visual and Printed Press

Non- Profit Organisations


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

International Relations branches of national, international and global institutions have also employed our graduates.



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Last updated: 10-08-2018