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Management of Health Institutions

About the Program

The Master Degree Program in Management of Health Institutions is a program compatible with the health management development and change processes in the world. The aim of the program is to educate specialists who can take part in multi-disciplinary studies, health facilities, management and services of health institutions with a holistic approach.

The Master Degree Program in Management of Health Institutions is an important opportunity to make an academic career, to take managerial duties or to rise to senior management positions in the health sector which is increasingly important both in the world and in our country. It is intended to monitor developments in the health care area and health care intitutions and provide students  the expertise they can use in the areas they need.


Educational Opportunities

Cyprus International University, Master of Science (MSc) program (thesis option) in Management of Health Institutions,  supports students' academic developments with an updated and rich curriculum. The program provides training and research opportunities with 7 different research laboratories including microbiology laboratory, cancer research laboratory and environment research laboratories and 19 different training laboratories including anthropometry laboratory, ergonomics and anatomy laboratory, treatment movement laboratory, nursing skill laboratory, pharmacy practice laboratory, neuropsychology laboratory, nutrition principles application laboratory, pharmacy practice laboratory, electrotherapy laboratory and the like. These  health care management related oportunities are providing more learning and practising experience. Management of Health Institutions master program carries out a strong education program in line with current developments  and changes of today.


Career Areas

Students who have graduated from the Master program in Management of Health Institutions and have received a specialization degree in hospitals and other health institutions can take part in many services in the health sector. We are engaged in producing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumables used in the field of healthcare services, health care supplies and tools in the health service units of public institutions and private sector organizations in the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health, in organizations providing health care, in research and development centers as a manager, as a specialist or as a health counselor. In addition to these,  graduation from the Master program pave the way for becoming an academician in related Faculties and programs in Universities.



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