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Information Technology

It can be clearly observed that the widespread use of technologies have reshaped our lives and become a part of our daily lives. Furthermore, various business sectors and governmental offices are efficiently using information technologies to solve their business problems. Therefore, the need for professionals who have technical background, problem solving and critical thinking skills is rapidly increasing. The major aim of this program is to produce qualified individuals who can meet the needs of businesses.

This program puts students in touch with the latest developments in Information Technology and to prepare students for the 21st Century workforce. Students are offered a set of core courses and an opportunity to specialise in one specific area of Information Technologies. They can choose to focus on an area such as computer network, network security, software development and system design. In addition, research projects and theses play a critical role in helping students pursuing their careers.

Graduates of this program can choose to work as a Database Manager,Network Administrator, Software and Website Manager, Information Technology Systems Specialist/Consultant or Technology Director. Additionally, they will be able to take part in various research projects.

Academic Program (Thesis)

Academic Program (Non-Thesis)