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We are pleased that you are interested in applying graduate programs to the Cyprus International University (CIU). CIU is a leading institution of higher education in Cyprus, recognized for the quality of the education it provides with its state of the art technical and physical infrastructure and advanced research facilities.

The CIU welcomes and encourages applicants from around the world with a diverse student body of interests, experiences, different ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

Institute of Graduate Studies and Research offers 52 master, 21 doctorate and 2 professional doctorate programs to graduate students.

Prospective students can directly apply to Graduate programs through the link below. Details should be filled in correctly and required documents listed on the last page of the application form should be uploaded.

Aşağıdaki Başvuru Sistemi ile Lisansüstü eğitim programlarına başvurunuzu yapabilirsiniz.


Last updated: 28-05-2019