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I want to be a pharmacist because …

In some countries pharmacy has become a stereotyped job as if anyone who graduates from the programme has to work in a pharmacy. However, I want to be a pharmacist in order to transfer my knowledge to the public, to enlighten them about health matters and also to concentrate on the subjects that have received less attention by others. As we learn, so does society. We do not aim to create a different perspective in only one country but worldwide. Finally, I believe that with the opportunities our university provides for us we are going to reach ahigh pointat the end of the programme.

Context of the Education

The Faculty of Pharmacy, taught in English, provides great opportunities for students in such areas as laboratory applications plus internships in the fields of pharmacy, hospital and industry. Students completing the four-year course are able to improve their personal skills and knowledge by undertaking the graduate project during their fifth year. Working on the graduate project means that each student extends their knowledge on a subject determined with the supervisor. Our academic personnel, experts in their fields, assist students who are involved in the educational applications rather than simply following the course programme.

What Are the Career Prospects?

Graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy can find careers in the fields of improving effective substances and formulations, in clinical research, in rehabilitation and in the stability of new products and technology. They can work also in the following fields: product quality control; the production of the preparations such as lotions, suspensions, tablets and capsules; in medical departments where clinical services are coordinated; the licensing of medicines; selling medicines; answering inquiries by patients and their relatives; increasing public awareness on health issues; in international departments/companies; in clinical research departments where the medium of instruction is English; in hospitals or chemist’s; in forensic medicine departments; in formal institutions such as the Head Office of a Pharmaceutical company; as a consultant; as a mandate manager or sales and marketing representative at pharmaceutical warehouses or as academics.

Briefly Faculty of Pharmacy

Parallel to the development of Pharmaceutics in the world, the Faculty of Pharmacy prepares future pharmacists, passionate about humanity and health, and who aim to be involved in the story of the medicine in a dynamic and analytical way. Students find opportunities to improve themselves with course programmes, internships in Pharmaceutics, in hospitals, in industry, with the projects in which they play important roles, and in their graduation project. The expected result would be to see the young multi-directional, idealist, interactive pharmacists who have been educated to recognise different dimensions of Pharmaceutics in the international arena.

Research and Applications

During their studies, students of the Faculty become involved in research projects in which they can act individually or as part of a group giving them the opportunity to be self-disciplined and planned. These projects allow students to develop an understanding of the concept of Pharmaceutics in relation to patients, medicine, pharmacy, industry and producers. They comprehend the subject’s important role in terms of enlightening the community, cooperating with professors, understanding the real differences of flora and spread this information within the country they live. Seminars are organised each year by the academic personnel of the Faculty aiming to enlighten the public and students on subjects such as the use of medicine, toxicity caused by medicine, safety and nutrition.


Pharmaceutics is one of the rare jobs that has the power of informing the public directly. Those who would like to become involved in the strategies of health should be on this journey with us and become well-equipped pharmacists. Health is universal and the character of pharmacists is based on patient-medicine and protection-treatment in the context of health and sicknesses.
Assoc. Dr. Şermin TETİK
I think that the growing and fast improving Pharmaceutics has a big role in the community and receiving a high quality education, I believe, will make a difference for me when I take on this role. This is why I am here.
İrfan C. Tuncerler
Pharmaceutics is a job based on curing the patients and informing the public. My mother’s job is pharmaceutics. I could say that I have grown up in the pharmacy. This is the main reason why I have always been interested in Pharmaceutics.
İbrahim Kahyaoğlu

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