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Faculty of Pharmacy

Being a pharmacist means that, in tandem with other health service workers, one takes centre stage in assisting a sick individual to become a healthy one. The aim of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to educate students to become well equipped pharmacists who are research focused and who make applications to ensure there is a vigorous community. To clarify this, it aims to produce pharmacists whose target is public health and who have a voice in the use of medicine, its production and the politics of medicine production. Our graduates should be responsible individuals who can work individually as well as in groups using an interdisciplinary approach. They must realize the power of their future jobs as they involve themselves in the laboratory application classes and internships and examine the vital role of the pharmacist in the world of sickness treatment by involving in research and aim to improve their knowledge after graduation. Health is a global subject, thus studying Pharmacy in a foreign language is a factor that determines the roles of the graduates internationally. Optional courses are designed by the Faculty to allow students to discover the remarkable aspects of their future career.

Last updated: 22-01-2018