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About the Department

English and computer-assisted education program conducted by faculty members who are specialists in the field of contemporary, active and interactive education and knowledge and equipment at international level. Theoretical courses as well as practical courses. National and international conferences, symposiums Specialization in the field of international law and Cyprus law as well as Turkish law A training program with numerous elective courses and professional accumulation and specialization. The purpose of the Faculty of Law is to equip students with specialized knowledge and experience in the specialized field of law. In this framework, it is an important part of these goals in providing students with the latest information, improving their written, expression and reasoning skills, and applying abstract rules to concrete events and solving their specific problems.


Educational Opportunities

Our students are prepared to practice with the practical studies on the Supreme Court and Council of State decisions. All students have the opportunity to conduct research into lectures and practical work using internet-connected computers.Homework will be given to students to gain research ability, research will be made and their presentations will be evaluated. Moot Court (virtual litigation) applications are available. During the student period, necessary co-operation is being done to monitor the hearings in the courts and cooperation will be provided for the internship work on request. Students with a good level of foreign language and averages of the grades will be sent to internationals for internships. National / international panels and conferences organized to increase the knowledge and equipment of the students will be made into books and distributed to them according to their interests.


Career Areas

Only professions law school graduates can do:Legal and prosecution lawyer Legal counseling in national and international companiesLegal counseling in the private and public sector Other career areas InstructorEmployment Opportunities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Inspectors in the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance Duties in various international organizations such as the Governor's Office, Governor's Office, Security Directorate, Bureaucracy Nato, the Council of Europe, the United Nations Organization and the International Monetary Fund IMF The graduates of the Faculty of International Relations, Faculty of Economics, the possibility to make many professions that graduates with diploma in their field can do.



Cyprus International University
Faculty of Law
Arts and Social Sciences Center, AS102
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2351
Faculty E-mail: secretary-fol@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Çağlar Özel
Head of Department  E-mail: cozel@ciu.edu.tr

Last updated: 26-12-2018