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‘I want to be a lawyer because …’

I believe in the idea of law and the principle of justice.

I react against any violation of the law.

I think I deserve to live in a fairer world.

I adopt virtue, honesty, reliability and respectability as a part of my character.

I want to be a member of a profession that has a high reputation worldwide.

In creating my future, I want to take part in international relations as well as gain experience and improve my level of education.


Content of Education:

Modern, efficient and interactive training.

Education is conducted by faculty members who are experts with international knowledge.

English and computer-based training program.

Add to the theory and practical courses.

National and international conferences and symposiums.

Expertise in international law and the law of Cyprus as well as Turkish law.

Allowing for an accumulation of a large number of elective courses and provide specialization in a vocational training program.


What are career opportunities?

Graduates of the Faculty of law can only follow these occupations:

Judges and prosecutors


Legal counsel in national and international companies

Legal adviser in the private sector and the public sector

Other career fields


Employment opportunities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Inspector for the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance

District Governor and the governor, police station,

Bureaucrat – as in NATO, the Council of Europe, the United Nations Organization, the IMF, and duties in many international organisation.

Faculty of International Relations, Faculty of Economics, opportunities for Faculty of Business Administration graduates and graduates in the department of social sciences to undertake every profession.


Briefly Law:

For a society law and justice is like breathing, as when everything is fine we do not notice it happening. We only feel its existence and have confidence in its function. The existence and continuation of the rule of law requires there to be firms associated with lawyers who have good knowledge of law, justice, and never separate themselves from justice, honesty, virtuousness and respectability.

Aware of all of these, the faculty aims to educate lawyers who are beneficial to society, make the students happy and love their profession.

English and computer classes support course programs, approved by the Council of Higher Education and YODAK. All courses are updated regularly to take into account the needs of the globalized world and of the emerging areas of law.


Research and Applications

Students are prepared to applications examined by the decisions of the Supreme Court and Council of State for practical studies. Students have the opportunity to conduct research for courses and practical study using computers with internet connections

Students receive assignments in order to gain the ability to research. Presentations are made and evaluated.

Moot Courts (virtual cases) are available.

Cooperation is needed to monitor the trial court and, upon request, cooperation will be provided for training.

A high level of knowledge of foreign languages is required and high grades for internship students will be sent to international organisations. In order to increase students’ knowledge, the courses will utilize both national and international panels and conferences.



I believe that is a privilage to be a member of the academic staff of Cyprus International University and to educate the lawyers of future generations here.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatma Karataş Doğan, Lecturer

Academic Program