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From The Dean

Dear students,

Welcome to the Cyprus International University Faculty of Law, Because of the increase in international relations and globalisation, it is important to have a knowledge of national, international and supranational law. In today’s globalised world, it has become essential to develop new perspectives in the field of law, as in all areas. Therefore, the curriculum of the Law Faculty has been designed to integrate case studies with theoretical classes enabling students to specialise in both international and Cyprus Law. Furthermore, taking into accountTurkey’s EU adaptation process, the academic program has been enhanced by elective courses in EU Law.

Lecturers and research assistants of the Faculty of Law not only consult the students, but also they do their best in order to lead them and solve their problems. Campus life offers students an opportunity to spend time with their lecturers not only during working hours but throughout the day.

Turkish is the language of instruction in the Faculty though English language lessons and Legal English courses enable students to improve their foreign language skills.

Undergraduate education enables students to improve their foreign language skills by attending academic English and business English courses. The presence of a great number of foreign students in CIU opens the way for students to practice their English in everyday life.

The 21st century obliges societies to restructure themselves into ‘knowledge-based’ societies so that the Faculty of Law at the Cyprus International University integrates technology by using computer-aided programs in its law education. Moreover, the Faculty of Law aims to broaden its student’s horizons and develop their professional qualifications by organising conferences and panels attended by many experts in politics, law and economy.

The Faculty of Law assumes a responsibility to educate the students entrusted to it aiming to produce graduates of whom it is proud.

Prof.Dr. Çağlar ÖZEL