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Social Work

“I would like to be a social service specialist because …”

I would like my professional career to be people-oriented and to benefit society. Nowadays I think it is possible to help societies to become happy and affluent by solving current social problems and avoiding new ones. I would like to be a social service specialist with a role in solving social problems and contributing to the spread of social politics to a large segment of society. I think being taught in this Department will create opportunities to take my society forward.

The content of education

The social services program aims to educate students as specialists having the competence and information to help solve problems linked to the social environment at an individual, group and society level. It is important to solve social problems using specialists with the required knowledge. Social service education includes social politics as well as sociology, social research, psychology, social psychology and social anthropology. The courses are taken in the institutions and organisations that require social services such as nursing homes, women’s shelters, orphanages, prisons and local authority and social services bureaux. As the training courses are part of a student’s education, it is helpful for students to gain active experience and to let them communicate with people and institutions in their fields. The interdisciplinary studies courses attended during training help students to contribute knowledge in solving social problems. Students are informed at graduation stage of the theoretical sub-structure and the social problems that societies face in real life. Students can investigate, analyse, offer solutions for social problems, and learn to put these solutions into practice.

“What are my career opportunities?”

Graduate students can find jobs in related institutions and organizations. Social work specialists can have a career with local authorities, governmental and non-governmental organisations that are informed regarding society’s problems and can contribute to planning and designating social politics as a planner, director, researcher and practitioner.

Career opportunities exist for our graduates in nursing homes, young offenders’ institutions and rehabilitation centres connected to the Turkish social service and to children protection institutions. Social Service graduates may find careers in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Social Security and Ministry of Education as well as in the field of industrial relations. Career opportunities are opening up as Turkish Local Authorities focus on the needs of people requiring protection. Similar opportunities exist for graduates within the TRNC and other countries. In addition, graduates can start academic careers as a lecturers or as a researcher in universities.

Social Service Department in brief

The Social Service Department provides a powerful base for its students with an interdisciplinary substructure formed by the branches of social science – sociology, psychology, law and social policy. Along with conferences given by specialists working in the Ministry of Social Work and specialists who are interested in social risks, the links made during their training courses enable them to have ‘good practice’. The main aim of the department of Social Work is to guide its students to become practicing social work specialists with a wide academic base.

Researches and Practices

Theory lessons are as important as practise and training courses because the Department of Social Work aims to produce specialists who will be in relate directly with people and society. In order to choose their fields, students have the chance to undertake training courses in a variety of groups such as disabled people, old people and children. Specialists who are invited to the lessons and to the conferences share their experiences and answer questions all providing students with contacts with people in their fields before they start their professional lives.


The Department of Social Work prepares students for their professional lives through its efficient use of its staff and syllabus as well as through the importance given to interdisciplinary cooperation. Our department guides qualified staff to institutions. I believe that our privileged students, taught in our department, will benefit society.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Carolina Petry, Lecturer
The Social Work department requires you to be successful in communicating with people and be part of the community. The aim of the Department is to find society’s problems and to find solutions. I believe that our university will prepare us in the best way for finding and solving these solutions.
Ömer Tokatlı, Student

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