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Social Work

About the Department

Social work is a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that aims at social change and development on social inclusion, empowerment and emancipation of people. Respect for social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and diversity is at the forefront of professions that form the basis for social work. It brings individuals and systems together to improve human well-being through eclectic knowledge-based profession also at the human and social sciences and local knowledge. The social work department gives its students a strong foundation by taking advantage of the interdisciplinary theoretical sub-structure of the social sciences such as sociology, psychology, law and social policy. Experts from the Social Services Department and non-governmental organizations dealing with social risks inform the students by giving lectures, as well as the internship opportunities with the established links, allowing our students to progress in practice as well as to deepen their profession. It is the best way to train the social services specialists, who are very necessary for the most basic society of the Social Services Department, using both theoretical and practical methods.


Educational Opportunities 

The Social Work Program aims to train students at the individual, group and community level as experts with the competence and knowledge to help solve problems related to the social environment. Social work education provides a strong infrastructure for students in sociology, social research, psychology, social psychology and social anthropology as well as social policy issues, since it is of most importance that social problems are identified and solved by experts with the necessary knowledge and equipment. Internships are made in institutions and organizations such as nursing homes, women's shelters, orphanages, prisons, local administrations and the Social Services Department, which are in need of social services. The fact that the internship is part of the training is an application that prepares the students for their expertise, contributes actively to gain experience and also helps them to establish a network with various people and institutions in their field. The interdisciplinary education supported by the internship helps the students to become aware of their contribution to the resolution of social problems in the light of the tasks they undertake in the projects. When students arrive at graduation, they become aware of not only the theoretical background of their field but also the social problems they face in their real-life societies. They can research and analyze social problems and learn effectively to apply and implement solution recommendations.


Career Areas

Graduates of the program can find employment opportunities in a wide range of institutions and organizations. Social workers can work as planners, managers, researchers and practitioners in social services in public, local governments and non-governmental organizations, knowledgeable about the structure and problems of the society they live in, contribute to the determination and planning of social policies.
Alumni, Social Services and Child Protection Agency due to the tranquility at home in Turkey, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, Justice, Health, Labor and the Ministry of Education and Social Security, in the area of ​​industrial relations, there is the opportunity to work on projects for the vulnerable groups of local authorities. Similarly, those who complete the program have employment opportunities in public institutions that serve as social service institutions in the TRNC and in other countries, in local administrations, and as social service specialists in institutions and organizations that are in need of help. Apart from these, graduates of Social Services can become academic members and researchers by making an academic career.



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