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Nutrition and Dietetics


“I want to study Nutrition and Dietetics because …”

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department researches the problems of health through nutrition and educates society regarding the rules of health and hygiene. Utilizing its skills along with medicine and surgical treatments the profession is able to improve the lot of humanity. I feel a great interest in this vocation as development propels it forward.

The Content of the Education Course

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department has been taught in Turkish for four years which is the first step of this Course being in the CIU. The Course starts by focusing on Science and Nutritional Science before embarking on courses directly focused on practising Nutrition and Dietetics treatment. Students study foreign languages, such as English, for four years in many faculties of health in the University in order to support subjects learnt.

What are the career opportunities?

Graduates visit a variety of institutions that: treat children, study the health of mothers, administer social health, attend polyclinics offering research into special diets, visit educational, treatment and rehabilitation services and old people in nursing homes. They can focus on social nutrition institutions and on educational studies leading to careers as members of the academic staff in universities.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Brief

The Department focuses on the way that members of society eats and evaluates nutritional problems, trying to find solutions to the country’s nutritional developments. Graduates can give nutritional advice and attempt to alter the route that the country’s nutritional plans and politics develop and are managed.

Research and Administration

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics undertakes research, using chemical analysis, to show the types of metabolic illnesses that are prevalent among different age groups. Then scientific nutritional treatments utilising specific dietary requirements are offered throughout the life of a person in order to adjust the chronic illnesses.


Turkey and the TRNC are in the lead, along with the US and European countries, in the fight against health problems caused by poor nutrition. Nowadays the most important health problems are obesity, venous diseases, diabetes and cancer. Dieticians are taking their place in solving the problems and I believe that the vocation’s multidisciplinary approach developed in the Department along with its technological developments and its up-to-date staff.
Prof. Dr. Günay SARIYAR, Dean.
Learning how to inform society on the subject of nutrition and on the problem of obesity has kept students busy this term. I believe that the subjects of nutrition and dietetics makes this profession the best choice of all.
Aycan Duran, a student.

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