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From the Dean

Dear students,

Welcome to our newly opened Faculty of Health and Sciences in the Cyprus International University.

The Faculty focuses on the new education branches providing a whole world approach to Health Science in cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy. It meets the needs of the health sector, bringing into the training of future practitioners in the fields of nursing, physical therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition and diabetic departments the needs of medicine and of health services. One of the University’s targets is to add a Health Education Facility to the Faculty, so, with this in mind, it has opened the Faculty of Pharmacy in the academic year of 2011 – 2012. With the opening of the Health Science Faculty and the Health Science Professional High School the importance of this area of health has been emphasised. The Faculty of Health and Science, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Diabetic departments are divided into two. In the Health Profession High School there are two more Departments of Pharmaceutical Services and Medical Documentation with Secretarial Services. Populations now accept that nutrition is vital and that diabetes among all illnesses needs curing and that health practitioners protect society from illnesses. The areas of physical therapy and rehabilitation are now indispensable and society cannot be without its applications. Students choosing any department in this faculty will not find any difficulty in finding a job. I wish you good luck in our new educational year of 2013 – 2014.

Prof. Dr. Feray GÖKDOĞAN

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences


Faculty of Health Sciences