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Interior Design

About the Department

The purpose of the Interior Architecture program is to encourage the students to interior design process in context, to raise the quality of life of the individual, to increase the efficiency of the social circle, to create spaces that protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the public, to integrate theory and practice through individual and manager problem solving strategies. The program aims to provide a balance between art, technology and human aspects of the profession, with the awareness of modern trends and new technological indications in interior architecture. The vision of the program includes  ensuring that the student obtains valid and positive knowledge and experience during the undergraduate education; recognizing the importance of geography and universal values; developing a versatile designer identity, demonstrate competence in both current and future artistic and design issues; and focusing on responsibility, awareness and social / professional duties.


Educational Opportunities

There are 7 full-time academic staff in the Department of Interior Architecture. In addition to this, 2 part-time teaching staff and 1 research assistant also gives support to full time academic staff. There are 12 classrooms and 4 studios in the department building. Classrooms and Studios are equipped with whiteboards and projectors. All classes have air conditioning system for heating and cooling. There are also Model Making Studio, Photography Studio, Material Lab, Serigraphy Studio and 3D Printing and Screening Studio in the department . The entrance hall and corridors in the faculty are used as exhibition spaces. In addition, the entrance gallery of the UKU Library building is also used as an exhibition space. In the UKU Library there are 3,899 publications related with the Interior Architecture Program

Career Areas

Graduates from the Department of Interior Architecture are able to work with different design disciplines. They can work with infrastructure architects to arrange the interior of offices, as an interior designer on the interior design of offices. Graduates can set up their own offices in the construction, furniture, retail sectors, both in the design, in marketing, in creativity, and they can show their imagination on preserving historic structures. Courses in furniture and interior architecture are given in experimental design to showcase work giving students the opportunity to design scenery and places of visual entertainment. There is an opportunity of an academic career in a University. An interior architect can have a successful career by accurately making use of human relations and psychology in all parts of creativity.



Cyprus International University
Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
Arts and Social Sciences Center, AS217
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2101
Faculty E-mail:  secretary-ffa@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevinç Kurt
Head of Department  E-mail: skurt@ciu.edu.tr


Last updated: 26-12-2018