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Interior Design

“I want to be an interior designer because …”

I want to use my imagination; I want to look in things from a different perspective and add my own design in the living environment. I want to create a difference in the life of human beings with my own designs. Creativity is part of human nature, but very few people leave traces in the real world. Design interior architecture, be able to demonstrate that these traces are in your face and touch the lives of people, realizing that this is one of the most beautiful ways to affect the world. In the words of William Morris: “What makes me happy at home is that I can talk to my friends in one corner, eating dinner in another corner, the other corner I can study and the other corner that I can sleep.”

Content of Training

For students wanting to be an interior designer this Course helps students create colourful, vibrant, free environments. It shows how to reshape a home cinema, a concert hall or an airport by adding the student’s own perspective and creating many different spaces with lighting, furniture, materials, user comfort details, basic design elements, aesthetic items that are researched, selected and placed. The lessons offer a variety of drawing techniques, courses in structure and design, the history and culture of different project issues and design skills. Sharing selections, discussing and converting to 3D format in a studio environment will create appropriate environments. An interior architectural student must understand human psychology, needs and to easily evaluate available technology. The educational process must educate the student in the latest products and trends, create trips into space, participate in cultural events, learn to use personal computers, train in free-hand drawing and painting and skills related to design, combining observation and imagination, to make liveable spaces.

“What are your career opportunities?”

Graduates from the Department of Interior Architecture are able to work with different design disciplines. They can work with infrastructure architects to arrange the interior of offices, as an interior designer on the interior design of offices. Graduates can set up their own offices in the construction, furniture, retail sectors, both in the design, in marketing, in creativity, and they can show their imagination on preserving historic structures. Courses in furniture and interior architecture are given in experimental design to showcase work giving students the opportunity to design scenery and places of visual entertainment. There is an opportunity of an academic career in a University. An interior architect can have a successful career by accurately making use of human relations and psychology in all parts of creativity.

The Department of Interior Architecture in brief…

We can think of Interior Architecture as an art of design that keeps the places we live in original and alive. It designs places in which we can feel happy by combining technology with aesthetics. The designer shapes colors, materials, details of technological needs so that living and work places are designed according to the owner’s wishes and needs. This process exhibits the combination of new experiences with previous ones. The department of Interior Architecture is a Department where creativity is encouraged, knowledge and skills are combined, where it is possible to know other disciplines and work cooperatively with them and where there are opportunities to socialize.

Academic Program