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Industrial Product Design

 want to be an Industrial Products Designer…

It makes me agitated, as I know that the objects that I design will be produced in factories and will be used in worldwide. This feeling cannot be put into words as it gives me happiness to design the motor car I use, the mobile phone, the sports shoes and to become aware of the impact of a new discovery. I will have a wide social sphere that includes the engineers, operators and marketing staff with whom I will work.

Education Includes

Industrial Products Design involves both dynamism and the use of technology combined in an intersection of the sciences of art and engineering. Included in this field of education are the design of accessories, house appliances, electronic items, facilities for transport and communication including a widening of the area of utilisation, a reinterpretation and design of fashionable items not yet produced, organising totally new styles and brands, prototyping, marketing and patenting. Designing products and making them different from previous ones, gives students opportunities to improve themselves. The main reason for this is that subjectively products should have a visual value. In other words, the students are expected to know contemporary living conditions and be close to current technology. Students should also use their artistic knowledge to improve the usefulness of a product, to choose and suggest ways to develop its competence, its mechanism and the production techniques. It is also necessary for them to know the way of commercialising the products and convey them to the consumers.

Career Opportunities

Graduate designers can work all over the world in factory design offices and product development departments. They can also obtain a variety of career titles from being a designer to a consultant marketer or manager. They may establish their own design office or create their own brand and market it.


Philippe Starck – the Juicy Salif: It’s not meant to squeeze lemons, it is meant to start conversations.

Erno Rubik for Rubik Cube: I’ve always been passionate about geometry and the study of three-dimensional forms. I wanted nothing else than to make the object as perfect as possible. But thanks to my invention, my capitalist friends and I were able to bring the government to its knees.

Steve Jobs for iPhone: First was the mouse. The second was the click wheel. And now, we’re going to bring multi-touch to the market. And each of these revolutionary interfaces has made possible a revolutionary product- the Mac, the iPod and now the iPhone.

Academic Program

Last updated: 25-01-2018