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Graphic Design

“I want to be a Graphic Designer because…”

Graphic Design is a field that conveys a message by developing a visual language. As a graphic designer I would like to have the ability to convey a message. Therefore, it is necessary to improve my ability to generate ideas and to solve problems. I am aware of improving the sense of aesthetics and actively benefiting from technology and as a curious person I believe that studying in this Department will develop my skills and abilities. Thus, I will be able to undertake studies allowing me to express my creativity. While I am forming the visual environment, I will verify my intention to be responsible in a social context and be conscious of the environment. In my opinion, Graphic Design takes place at the intersection point of art and communication that is an enjoyable, creative and pleasant job. A Graphic Designer’s vision, sense and style of representation of the daily life are different. This really appeals to me. According to Peter Greenaway Graphic Design is to ‘fly over water’.

As for Francois Chalais, ‘it’s the smile of a cat wearing a tie…The kind of smile that we will always remember’. Philippe Apeloig says that ‘a good graphic design sinks into us, always remains in our memory’. This is what affects me the most. I want to make such designs that can achieve this.

Educational Content

Graphic design courses aim to provide students with a passion to design, and they focus on visual communication tools and communication design issues in general. The courses help students perfect their skills in information and problem solving and coping with guidance, gaining identity and passing on knowledge. During their education, Graphic Design students learn various methods and techniques in order to bring words, symbols and images together to represent the visual expressions of thoughts and posts, and form new formats. The Department of Graphic Design trains designers that are in harmony with the dynamic nature of our age. They are aesthetically and technically equipped with the ability to produce creative thinking and be confident, prepared in accordance with the contemporary requirements in areas such as product logos, envelopes, business cards, files, packaging designs, box designs, posters, interior designs, open air adverts, flyers, catalogues, corporate identities, brand positioning, web design, photos, print pictures and illustrations.

“What are the job opportunities?”

Businesses working online or that exist in any market sector require the services of graphic designers. Individuals graduating from the Department of Graphic Design can work in the design departments of advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers, design firms, and in the design teams of corporate firms. In addition, our graduates can work in the field of contemporary media assuming responsibility in different fields of art.

The Department of Graphic Design in brief…

The Department aims to train its students to bring form and information together and to make a difference in individual, social, cultural and communicative issues. It provides a learning environment provoking processes of creative, imaginative and intellectual thinking. The mission of graphic design is to promote the use of new technology and to take into account the natural environment and of ethical values.

Academic Program