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“I want to be an architect because…”

I want to experience the pleasure of being the architect of admired places. I want to present new life experiences and make others happy both physically and spiritually by my architectural designs that reflect an original philosophy. In short, I agree with the famous architect Le Corbusier’s words “Architecture is not a job, rather it is a lifestyle.” I find this way of living so attractive and I want to leave something behind.

The content of Education

The main objectives of the Department are providing knowledge of design theories and methods allied to construction technologies and construction methods. Included are the history of art and architecture, the relationship between the psychological, economic, cultural and social conditions and architecture and the ability to design original buildings and environments.

It has the goal of educating future prominent leaders in society, who, in their careers, show the qualities of open-mindedness, intellectuality, having vision, experience and strong personalities. The Department offers students opportunities to develop their creativity to be used in a successful career. It focuses on their growth as thinking, questioning and creative people. Since architectural education is the process of learning by doing based on an interaction between instructor and student, it is vital that the student be an active stakeholder in this process. Student-centered education is important for each discipline but, for architecture it has critical importance because architectural projects are subjective and objective interpretations depending on the students’ point of view. Design studios are key elements of architectural education as they imbue students with perceptions of the world and its architecture. Group work, study tours and presentations in front of a jury make students ready for productive joint studies within different disciplines and dissimilar people preparing them for their future professional lives. Jury presentations are also means by which students develop the skills to presenting their works that they will need in the future.

“What are the career opportunities?”

Work areas for architects are wide allowing graduates from this Department to work as free-lance architects, by starting up a design office, or as paid architects in architectural offices. They can be assigned on site during the implementation phase of projects within urban environments or they can be employed by industry related to the development and production of building elements and materials, or in the design-related areas of information technology. Because of the development in their individual awareness and creativity architects have the potential to have a successful career in many fields such as literature, media, cinema, music, industry and entrepreneurship. Graduates of the CIU Department of Architecture have equal status and opportunities to those from top universities in Turkey, Europe and the US. They have the opportunity to develop their careers to a high level by using their individual attitudes, skills and creativity gained through the student-centered approach.

Department of Architecture in brief

The Department aims to develop student’s critical view and instill an ability to develop a systematic approach to problems, to create reliable designs for a building or a city. They learn about architecture and art history and how to use various presentation techniques and computer technology to visually express their architectural opinion, to use their talent and knowledge of modern construction and building methods, construction materials.

Research and Practices                            

Design studios are the core of the education of architecture. In studio studies, students and instructors generate ideas by interaction techniques. The education of architecture differs radically from other disciplines. In common studies alternative responses are sought by examining and analysing the construction, urban and the natural environments. Architectural designs are improved in studios where the physical, climatic, social, cultural, economic and psychological conditions are looked at in relation to the history of architecture, construction and building systems, construction materials and information technology.


“Architecture is the triumph of Human Imagination over materials, methods, and men, to put man into possession of his own Earth.”
Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect
“Architecture is converting a worthless brick into a golden one.”
Alvar Aalto, Architect
“The artful, accurate and the magnificent game of the masses which are brought together under the lights.”
Le Corbusier, Architect
“Architects are designers blending philosophy, art, society, economy, technology, materials and culture to build a residence Things they have done are referred with the history. I feel the responsibility of architecture more as time goes on.”
Ersal Akbaş, Architect (CIU graduate)

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