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From The Dean

Our faculty is basically a design education institution which has architecture, interior design, graphic and industrial products design departments. We are aiming to train future designers who have the ability to use of a generation of effective solutions to environmental problems and achieve their task of mediation between the world and our consciousness with competence, including goal of enriching experiential and sensational realms, a world of meanings and imagination of humans comprehending our existential desires and lived reality.

Although student-centered education is important for all disciplines, it is a crucial issue for design education, because of the design projects, the end-products of  the creative process of a design studio which form the core of design education, are unique and personal interpretations depending on each student’s world view and her/his appreciation of design.

Receiving an education in design is basically quite different from absorbing the information in any classroom. It is based on “learning by doing” through an interactive process taking place between student and instructor, necessarily requiring the  active participant of the student. According to the current notion of educational sciences, the basic aim of education is not to teach something, but “to teach how to learn”.  As a matter of fact, the aim of design education is beyond this. The primary goal of the CIU Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture is to teach you how to know, think and behave in a “designerly” way.  The achievement of these targets in design education, first of all, is closely associated with the arousing interest and enthusiasm of the students toward design and designing. This task is not as easy as it is seen initially, since it requires a very competent and experienced faculty who have internalized student-centered educational apprehension. We believe that we have such a very competent faculty and considering our basic duty is to prove to the student that designing is a type of life style and a great adventure. It seems that you have chosen the design disciplines decisively and consciously. This is an important facilitation factor for all of us to achieve our difficult task. 

Prof. Dr. Nezih AYIRAN

Acting Dean