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Petrol and Natural Gas Engineering

“I want to study Petrol and Natural Gas Engineering because…”

Petrol and Natural Gas Engineering is one of the most important among all engineering disciplines.  The reason for this importance is due to the use of fossil fuels as energy source, its effect on the economic balance and the estimated depletion of the reservoirs are the major factors. Exploring new reservoirs, operating them economically and transporting the produced petrol the point of use with concern about the environment is therefore extremely important for the future of mankind. I therefore want to be a member in the petrol industry and contribute to both the production and measures to protect the environment (in addition to exploration, operation and transportation sides of the trade.)


The Content of education

The program is designed to prepare graduates to be proficient in mathematics through differential equations, probability and statistics, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, and thermodynamics. Petroleum engineering discipline specific topics to help develop professional competence include design and analysis of well systems and procedures for drilling and completing wells; characterization and evaluation of subsurface geological formations and their resources using geoscientific and engineering methods; design and analysis of systems for producing, injecting, and handling fluids; application of reservoir engineering principles and practices for optimizing resource development and management; the use of project economics and resource valuation methods for design and decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty.


The content is completed with a major capstone design experience that prepares students for engineering practice, based on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier coursework and incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints


Careers possibilities…

Graduates of this program may easily get a job in a firm dealing with petrol and natural gas. The job may be on petrol exploration, drilling, production transportation or exploration or may be on refining and development of petroleum products for specific applications. The Petrol and Natural gas engineer may work as an engineer in a production area, as a design engineer or as an administrator.


Petrol and Natural Gas Engineering in brief

The students will greatly benefit from technical visits, summer trainings and seminars to be given by field engineers and administrators of petrol companies. Career days organized by the university annually will enable students to better understand the petrol and natural gas world and hence select the elective courses offered in line with future expectations and plans.


Research and applications

The university has thermodynamics, production, chemistry, geology, and energy laboratories that may be used for undergraduate and graduate studies. These laboratories may be expanded and updated to satisfy the needs of students and research projects. The university acknowledges and supports interdisciplinary laboratory works. The students will be allowed and encouraged to use the equipment and facilities in other faculties for both graduate and undergraduate work. The current research topics undertaken include energy, environment and soil mechanics.

As in other programs of study within the faculty of engineering, students will be encouraged and supported to participate in related national and international events and competitions. This will enhance the students will and wish for learning and readiness in the competitive national and international world.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Dağbaşı (Department Chair)

Petroleum and Natural Gas, although it has been a newly established program, its students are exposed to an encouraging educational environment and are already benefiting from the existing contemporary educational facilities as well as student centered applications involving tutorials and laboratory sessions, including the ones requiring computer usage. The graduates of the program will be able to continue with their graduate education within CIU or elsewhere, in other universities.  We can help you to get prepare for the future with an education that counts.