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Mechanical Engineering

“I want to study Mechanical Engineering because…”

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most comprehensive among all engineering disciplines.  It provides a wide range of education encompassing energy, manufacturing, industrial machinery, production tools, heating and cooling, transportation equipment hence opportunity to work in a wide area. I want to be a mechanical engineer hence contribute to the design and manufacture of new machinery. I also want to be part of a team working on developing of new technologies involving mechanical engineering applications. I want to help shape the technology driven world towards the sustainability edge.


The Content of education

Mechanical Engineering curriculum is designed to prepare students to apply principles of engineering, basic science, and mathematics (including multivariate calculus and differential equations); to model, analyze, design, and realize physical systems, components or processes; and prepare students to work professionally in either thermal or mechanical systems while involving the students with topics in each area.

Students are prepared for engineering practice through a curriculum culminating in a major design experience based on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work and incorporating appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints.


Careers possibilities…

Graduates of this program will be equipped with knowledge to work in areas of automotive, air transportation, energy conversion, automation, manufacturing, environmental control, and mechanical applications in building industry. The Mechanical engineer may work as a consulting engineer, in production areas, as design engineer or as an administrator, mechanical contractor, project engineer, sales engineer etc.


Mechanical Engineering in brief

The students will greatly benefit from technical visits, summer trainings and seminars to be given by field engineers and administrators of companies dealing with mechanical engineering applications. Career days organized by the university annually will enable students to better understand the Mechanical world and hence select the elective courses offered in line with future expectations and plans.

Classrooms, offices, laboratories, and associated equipment are adequate to support attainment of the student outcomes and to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. Modern tools, equipment, computing resources, and laboratories appropriate to the program are available, accessible, and systematically maintained and upgraded to enable students to attain the student outcomes and to support program needs. Students are provided appropriate guidance regarding the use of the tools, equipment, computing resources, and laboratories available to the program.

The library services and the computing and information infrastructure are adequate to support the scholarly and professional activities of the students and faculty.



Research and applications

The university has thermodynamics, heat transfer, production, chemistry and energy laboratories that may be used for undergraduate and graduate studies. These laboratories will continue to expand and be updated to satisfy the needs of students and research projects. The university acknowledges and supports interdisciplinary laboratory works. The students will be allowed and encouraged to use the equipment and facilities in the laboratories of other faculties for both graduate and undergraduate work. The current research topics undertaken include energy, environment and soil mechanics.

As in other programs of the faculty, students will be encouraged and supported to participate in related national and international events and competitions. This will enhance the students will and wish for learning and readiness in the competitive international and national world.



Assoc.Prof.Dr. Erbil AKBIL ( lecturer)

The academic staff of the department consists of dynamic, energetic and experienced academics. Students will benefit the use of modern teaching methods and equipment, practical periods supporting the theoretical work, computer applications and related laboratory work. Students graduating from this program may easily continue on graduate studies either in mechanical engineering or related subjects like energy engineering and industrial engineering.



Faculty of Engineering

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Mersin 10, Turkey 

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