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Information Systems Engineering

“I would like to study in the Department of Information Systems Engineering because …”

This is the Information Century because information allows access to knowledge that systems allow us to share easily. All the following work with the help of information systems: vehicles moving along roads, all electronic goods in our homes, smart phones enabling us to contact our beloved ones, all banking systems allowing us to pay bills and manage money issues, all social webs that keep us in contact wherever we are in the world. The demand for experts able to design, improve, manage and set up knowing how to use information systems, is rising day by day. For this reason, I aim to be trained well and have n excellent career opportunity after I gradate from the Faculty of Information Systems Engineering – which I consider to be one of our century’s best professions.

The Content of the Programme

Like in all areas of engineering, the students studying information systems engineering take major engineering courses in the first two years in tandem with courses related to their own fields of interest such as an introduction to programming, algorithms, bases of information technology and an introduction to internet programming. From the third year, students can take subsidiary courses in data structuring, processing systems, programming, databases, visual programming, computer webs and computer architecture. They complete all the required courses in the Department and take additional courses in the Department of Information Systems such as e-business, information safety, project management, information management systems, information system analysis and design. In addition to this, they have an opportunity to become experts in different fields by taking courses in the Departments of Computer Engineering and Business and Administration.

“What are my career opportunities?”

One of the main aims of the Department is to ensure that students graduate with the highest level of background information and experience. This will enable them work in state or private institutions to design, improve or use information systems. After graduation, students can start careers in the extremely popular sectors of computer games and mobile applications, as well as the more traditional areas of software design, banking, finance, production companies, marketing, electronic business companies and telecommunications. Thanks to the interdisciplinary education received at CIU, some graduates will choose to continue their academic careers by studying postgraduate or PhD courses in respected national or international universities.

The Information Systems Engineering Department in Brief

Information systems acquire, process, analyse and interchange knowledge that has become one of the basic units of the communities. The systems are used in areas such as game consoles, databases, communication systems and satellite communications used by telecommunication companies and systems that provide internet services and social webs. Graduates may become experts, able to design and improve systems, or to become managers.

Research and Applications

The Course emphasises theoretical courses, research and practice in order to make students prepare themselves for life after graduation. Students are able to improve their knowledge in the field of computer practices by using the high-speed internet connection and the five computer laboratories that allocate one computer per student. Practice takes place in the fields of circuit analysis and logic laboratories in the basic electronic and computer courses. Students can access the wireless internet throughout the campus. Apart from various printed resources available in the library, students are able to increase their knowledge and enrich the results of their studies by using the digital resources to which CIU has access. The lecturing experts may educate students such that they gain success as individuals or in teams in national and international competitions.


Courses, in addition to those providing the opportunity to receive the most current and highest level of knowledge in the field of information systems, are designed to fulfil the need of the daily skills that our students will need in their working life such as research, timing, planning and working in a team. Thanks to the rich background and the laboratory opportunities provided by CIU, our students are able to improve allowing them to find jobs and adapt themselves to working life with the help of qualifications that they have gained throughout their studies. If you study in our department, you will have a privileged education in the field of Information Systems Engineering, one of the most popular professions of this century.”
Asst. Prof. Dr. Devrim SERAL (Head of Department)
“I remember the contributions made by all the courses that I took in my university education, from the theoretical courses to the courses in the laboratory environment. The support of the academic staff, all experts in their fields, helped me in the process of becoming an engineer. I realized the significance of every project undertaken during the courses in gaining experience. The technologic background offered to our students makes it easier for them to adapt after graduation to the field of information systems.”

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