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Industrial Engineering

“I want to study industrial engineering because …”

By harmonising various engineering disciplinesTurkeyand our country, as in countries worldwide, have raised Industrial Engineering to become an efficient discipline. Industrial Engineering produces the designs and plans needed by production and service systems, directs, and runs them. It not only uses resources efficiently but it increases the quality of products. Unlike other engineering sectors, Industrial Engineering focuses on people and has a holistic perspective on events. It is also aware of the fact that human beings are the most important part of the system. It is responsible for distributing in a balanced manner organisational resources, using them effectively and ensuring inter-departmental co-operation.

The content of education

The Industrial Engineering lesson programme is a harmony between theoretical, practical and elective courses. The latter allows students to benefit from computer sciences, main sciences, administration sciences, contemporary communications, statistics and the science of probability. The theoretical part of the Course is enhanced by course projects, graduation projects and 20-day summer work practises that lead to the consolidation of gained knowledge and increase career opportunities. Students’ knowledge and abilities increase by using specialist software and work-studies involving the human factor in the ergonomics laboratory that offers an appropriate environment for design development. Therefore, it enables both production and service sectors to function more effectively, efficiently and optimally.

Industrial engineering in Brief

Graduate students are Industrial Engineers trained to be able to work in any country giving knowledgeable support in management and by using scientific methods offering decisions to managers at all levels. Careers are possible in institutions in the public, commercial, service, industrial, design, health and even military sectors. Moreover, they can also study for an MA degree in any subject in Industrial Engineering

Research and applications

Our Department’s lecturers, in addition to giving lectures, undertake scientific studies and present them in conferences or publish them in magazines. Some of these studies are in current issues like job security and workers’ health, engineering management and industry-environment relationship management.

In addition to the lessons on the curriculum, students not only visit industrial plants on technical trips but also make presentations abroad within the studies of prepared projects. They have the opportunity to listen to academics in the KEMÖB (Cyprus Industrial Engineering Students’ Meeting) organisation.

  • Our graduates have the skills and knowledge gained through our department during their undergraduate education provided;
  • They continue their professional and personal improvement by making a point of lifelong and continuous improvement.
  • They can execute planning and management duties in national and international studies through their leadership, self-confidence, and communication skills.
  • Within the scope of the production and service sector studies, they can designate and define problems through system approach, define these problems, plan the related solution stages and forward alternative solutions; they can as well execute national and international studies through these skills.

Industrial Engineering Program Outcomes

  1. Adequate knowledge on mathematics, Science and Industrial Engineering; ability to apply this theoretical and practical knowledge to solve the complex Industrial Engineering problems
  2. Ability to identify, describe, formulate and solve complex Industrial Engineering problems; ability to select and apply convenient analysis and modelling methods
  3. Ability to design a complex system, process, equipment or product under realistic constraints and conditions and so as to cover certain requirements; and ability to practice modern design methods in conformance with this objective.
  4. Ability to develop, select and utilize modern techniques and tools for solving complex problems encountered in Industrial Engineering applications; ability to utilize information technologies effectively.
  5. Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to collect, analyze and interpret data for complex engineering problems and Industrial Engineering problems.
  6. Ability to function effectively within Industrial Engineering and multidisciplinary teams; ability to implement individual work.
  7. An ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form.
  8. Recognition of the need for life-long learning; ability to access information, to follow the developments in science and technology, and to continuous self-renewal.
  9. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility; knowledge regarding standards on engineering applications.
  10. Knowledge of business practices such as project management, risk management and change management; awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development.
  11. Awareness on the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering applications on health, environment and safety in a global and societal context; knowledge of contemporary issues; awareness of the legal impact of engineering solutions.


“Our Department and its education staff keep pace with constantly improving technology and the opportunities it presents and trains students to reach administration positions in institutions renowned in the field. The most explicit proof show that we are on the right track is that most students receive job offers when at the training level.” Özge ÇAKIR, Department Graduate “I am a student of Industrial Engineering in CIU and have completed the necessary curriculum and I am doing my training now. I received a job offer from a company because they were pleased with my studies. Never in my life have I been so happy before. I thank my University and my teachers.”
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Tansu Tunçbilek, Head Of Department

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