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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

“I want to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering because …”

I intend to be an engineer developing fibre optic systems, optic and magnetic electronics, satellite communication, information and communication technologies [like wireless communication developed by the electrical and electronic industries]; design systems and creating new areas of application providing renewable energy using solar panels and wind turbines and develop automatic control mechanisms like robots and programmable controllers. As a graduate of this department, I intend to be an engineer designing and developing modern and technological, electrical and electronic equipment. I intend to be capable of a high level of academic and analytical thinking, to be a good team player, open to new ideas and to create solutions with successful applications to make life easier.

Educational Content

The Department embraces the disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. The former encompasses the production, transmission and the distribution of electrical energy, the design, development, supervision, security, operation and maintenance of any device that works with the electrical energy of electrical power systems. Electronic Engineering involves communication techniques and technologies, the design, development, operation and maintenance of the systems running with low voltages and currents such as electromagnetic fields and signal processing technologies. Robots and programmable controllers are within industrial control systems that involve disciplines of both electrical and electronic engineering.

What are my job opportunities?

Students graduating from this department can work in major sectors like communication, automation and energy as well as in various fields such as engineering and management. They can make a major contribution to research and development by joining the AR-GE departments of institutions and organisations including Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Turkish Electrical Distribution Company (TEDAŞ), the Turkey Electrical Transmission Company (TEİAŞ), the Turkish Aviation and Aerospace Company (TUSAŞ), TUBİTAK, Vestel Electronics, Beko, Turkcell, Aria, Teba, Ericsson Turkey. Graduates can receive authorisation from the Turkish Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) to be free consulting engineers (SMM) or be involved in the electrical engineering sectors of design, application, testing and control.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Brief

Students make technical trips to power plants and mobile phone operators in order for them to be aware of the wide range of fields available and seminars allow them to follow new technological developments. Summer practises give students the opportunity to see the width of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and to learn the active role engineers play in business life. Graduates benefit from partial work opportunities as part-time lab assistants.

Research and application

There are many theoretical and practical parts of lessons with the practical parts conducted in practical laboratory studies in the lab established for this purpose fully equipped with the latest technological equipment. Students conduct experiments using electrical and electronic equipment, so completing the practical part of their education and putting theoretical knowledge into practise. They have the chance to learn scientific project skills and development by taking part in projects organised by the lecturers. Students, supported by CIU, take part in competitions held inTurkeyand the TRNC that teaches students to succeed in a competitive environment and to accept challenges.


“Our experienced, specialist academic staff members give a high quality education using the Department’s up-to-date technological equipment. Our students can prepare themselves for the Electrical and Electronics manufacturing industry and MA programmes thanks to taking part in projects organised by the lecturers.”
Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Kuşaf (Head of Department)
I am a fourth year student of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department in CIU. We study our professional subjects and practical projects given by lecturers during the term in the well equipped laboratories. We visited many technical systems (Aksa energy,ErcanAirport, Kıb-Tek) thanks to the technical trips organised by the CIU Electronic Engineering Department Club. Above all, I always appreciated the lecturers’ friendly and patient attitude towards us. Whenever I need help they are always there. I want to thank my teachers for all that they did for me. ”
Hakkı Doğan, (Student)

Academic Program