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Information Systems Engineering Program

About the Program

In recent years, developments in science and technology have reached to an incredible speed. Once the technological progress increases, both the quality and the amount of data that must be processed is increasing as well. Information Systems that is used to access to, process, evaluate and transform the information has become one of the significant constituents of an advanced society. Information systems can be used in numerous structures such as game consoles that we have at homes, large databases of financial institutions, communication systems or satellite communications in telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and social networks. The experts which have skills to design, develop or manage information systems may easily choose among Information Systems Engineering graduates.


Educational Opportunities

As in other engineering fields, Information Systems Engineering students complete core math’s and science courses in the first two years. At the same time, they take main field courses such as introduction to programming, algorithms, fundamentals of information systems, logic design, circuit analysis, computer architecture, visual programming, data structures and introduction to Internet programming. In addition to those, they take courses such as introduction to business, engineering management, and engineering economy in order to have a general perspective and knowledge in business and management fields. In the third year, operating systems, object-oriented programming, databases, computer networks, information security, project management, management information systems, information systems analysis and design, and business intelligence courses available for the students. Therefore, through this multi-dimensional course structure, students complete their program with an excellent background. Also, they can take elective courses from Computer Engineering Department and Business School to develop their knowledge in different disciplines. Our program is a member Oracle Academy and Microsoft Imagine Academy.


Career Areas

One of the main purposes of the department is to offer the highest level of knowledge and experience to the students so they can equip themselves in order to be able to find positions at private or public institutions as expert, designer or developer of information systems. After completing the program, students can work in software, banking, finance and manufacturing firms, marketing, electronic commerce companies, in marketing and telecommunication sectors. Besides, they can work in promising sectors such as computer games, mobile applications or cloud computing. Our graduates can also continue their academic studies. The interdisciplinary nature of the education given in the department, increases post graduate study opportunities for graduates at prestigious universities all over the world.

Last updated: 10-12-2018