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Computer Engineering

“I would like to study in the Department of Computer Engineering because …”

Nowadays, almost in all areas of life we see that computers and related technologies are widely used. This is because all workflows, required by any company, are completed and followed in a controlled, consistent, and fault-free manner thanks to computers systems. The field of computer technology has been improving and needs engineers with analytical minds and the ability to solve problems. According to research by the US Department of Labor, the needs of the labour force in this field will increase year on year. For this reason, I would like to study in the Department of Computer Engineering in order to be able to join this profession with its vast future.

The content of the programme

The curriculum of the Department of Computer Engineering is designed to fulfil the daily needs of the Departmental courses and covers maths, electrical and electronic engineering courses and external social-based lessons. Most of the third and the fourth years are spent on practice-based projects. Throughout their studies, students take lessons on artificial intelligent, databases, operating systems, computer webs, various programming languages and programming techniques, microprocessors, signal processing and project management.

The Department of Computer Engineering in Brief

Students graduating from our Department receive the title of ‘computer engineer’ gaining an education enabling them to work in any country after graduation. They can work in areas: information technology management, software development, software design, database management and design, system security, information technology counselling, web based application developer, system integration, industrial software, software project management, computer network installation, network management and system management. They can undertake postgraduate studies in any subject related to computer technologies.

Research and Applications

Department lecturers, as well as undertaking the courses, carry out scientific studies presenting their studies in conferences or publishing the results in journals. Some of these studies are on current issues such as telecommunication, face recognition, information access, data mining, robots, and mobile applications. Students, in addition to attending curriculum courses, have the opportunity to improve themselves by joining competitions and by being a member of project groups offered by the computer club. Club members work on different areas such as robotics, Linux, computer webs and TV broadcasting.


“Our university provide great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies, within an international multicultural environment. The professors in here, are trying their best to not only teach you the computing skills. But, also to get all the required engineering’s skills like time management, teamwork, and effectiveness. The education I received at the computer engineering department, enlightened my path and oriented me toward choosing the best suitable career for me.”
Yasser El Kabbout, Current Student

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