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Turkish Language Teaching

“I would like to be a Turkish Language teacher because …”

Turkish is accepted as one of the oldest and richest languages in the world that has a wide area of use, not only in Turkey, but also in Asia and Europe. I chose this department in order to be a Turkish language teacher having a scientific point of view both academically and professionally. I will be able to teach Turkish to people at different levels and make them love the language by making them gain pleasure through a habit of reading. This will allow me to understand the national culture through a knowledge of the external world, gain knowledge in society, knowing how to teach Turkish well, be highly qualified and idealistic.

Course Educational Content

The Course offered by the Department is accredited by the Turkish Board of Higher Education (YÖK) and consists of educational sciences and optional modules that increase our students’ general knowledge on how to instruct and teach the language. The courses in the field of educational sciences provide a basis for the preparation of Turkish language teachers regarding the teaching profession. The knowledge and experience gained by prospective Turkish language teachers contributes to the execution of their teaching, education, classroom management, curriculum planning and evaluation. Courses regarding the education and teaching of language are taught both theoretically and practically. Students are taught aspects of teaching Turkish that listening, reading, comprehension, speaking and writing as well as to become conversant with phonetics, morphology, syntax and semantics. Different topics are studied, such as Ottoman Turkish, Turkish Folk Literature, Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature and Children’s Literature, in order to understand the functions and the cultural heritage of the Turkish language. The aim of the general knowledge optional courses is to train prospective Turkish language teachers as wise individuals by mainly focusing on Turkish and world history, geography and citizenship. Students ready themselves for the teaching profession by taking courses in different fields.

“What are my career opportunities?”

Graduates of the Turkish Language Teaching Department can work as a Turkish language teacher in secondary schools operated by the Ministry of Education. Our graduates will be able to work as academics in universities, be employed in private primary schools or in Ministry of Education run training institutions or in other state and private institutions. Careers exist in public record departments, museums, Turcology centres, in different sectors of the media such as TRT. Graduates with a foreign language may be able to find job opportunities in countries that cooperate and undertake exchanges withTurkeyin the field of education or in education culture centres in foreign countries where Turkish people live.

Briefly Turkish Language Teaching

The Turkish Language Teaching Department implements a four-year teaching course leading to graduation. The main aim of the Department is to train teachers with values covering contemporary, national and global standards and follow Atatürk’s principles. Our students graduate as individuals well equipped with modern-day knowledge with an understanding of the problems of our country and the Turkish language. In the Department’s Course emphasis is placed on the significance of language skills and the teaching of the Turkish language as a mother tongue is prioritised through an interactive teaching approach. With the aim of understanding this approach all theoretical knowledge is reinforced by means of practices as well as benefiting from the technological equipment available to make Turkish language teaching more efficient.

Researches and Practices

Apart from the Department’s educational facilities there is a concentration on additional scientific research that includes conferences where people are invited to attend who are experts in the field, are recognised for their academic studies or have respectable positions in the community because of their point of views. Our students are able to take part in social and cultural events in the clubs founded and run by the students.


The role of language in the constitution of social identity cannot be denied. The outcomes of studies conducted on primary school students have revealed that there are several problems related to the matter that we have been searching for ways to solve with our students.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Hülya Yeşil, Faculty Member
The Department of Turkish Language Teaching aims to provide training to young teachers to enable them to teach Turkish in primary schools by using a curriculum that follows innovations in technology and science. Developing students’ oral skills and making them able to express their opinions in the most efficient way both written and orally are among our objectives.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Hatice Kayhan, Faculty Member
This may sound like a cliché, but Turkish language teaching is my dream career. The other reason for my choice was the difficulty in accessing an education in this department as it requires a high score. No one, except for my brother, thought that I would possibly be a student of this department. I received this opportunity in Cyprus. Now, I am trying to take the advantage of this chance as much as possible.
Ali Aktürk, Student of the Department
My mother tongue is Turkish and I believe that the acquisition of the richness of Turkish and using it accurately is the duty of every citizen. My father is a teacher and I believe that teaching is a sacred job and wish to follow in his footsteps. I want to share my knowledge with my students and contribute to the new generation who will be loyal to the country. Only in this way can I be free in conscience..
Yavuz Selim Sözen, Student of the Department

Academic Program