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Turkish and Social Sciences Education

About the Department

The Turkish regarded as one of the world's oldest and richest languages, geography, not only in Turkey, but also has a very large area stretching from Asia to Europe. Therefore, there is a great need for the teaching of Turkish which has such a wide usage area. This department was founded in 2007 under the title of Turkish Education in the Faculty of Education in Cyprus International University. The name of our department has been restructured to be Turkish and Social Sciences Education as a result of the changes made in some departments and departments of the Faculty of Education under the heading of the Council of Higher Education's 82444403 -299-2528 (15 July 2016), "The New Structure of the Faculty of Education and Educational Sciences" . The department possesses the identity of researcher-educator who adopts scientific attitude from academic and professional aspects; educates qualified teachers in Turkish teaching.


Education Opportunities

The Department of Education in Turkish and Social Sciences is a department that applies a four year education program at undergraduate level. The main aim of the department; train prospective teachers in the way of Ataturk’s trail. They graduate as individuals who have absorbed the problems of our country and Turkish language with contemporary knowledge. In this direction, our students can benefit from the rich library and the information center which is open to the use of the students, the sports complex and cultural center facilities for sports and cultural activities. In addition, the fact that our department has a specialist, experienced and dynamic academic staff in its fields and that our faculty members are also adopted by our university and that they are in close contact with the students according to the general approach which keeps the teacher-student communication at the highest level contributes to the development of our students.


Career Areas

Graduates of Turkish and Social Sciences Education can work in various different fields. Our graduates can work as Turkish language teachers in public schools (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade) and private schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education; in public and private institutions; in state archives and museums; in world Turkology centres; in various media centres; and in university departments as academic staff. Our graduates can also find job opportunities in foreign countries where Turkish language and culture are taught, where Turkish people live, and where Turkey has education and work cooperation agreements.



Cyprus International University
Faculty of Education
Education and Humanities Center, EH 325
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2701
Faculty E-mail:  secretary-foe@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hülya Yeşil
Head of Department  E-mail: hyesil@ciu.edu.tr

Last updated: 19-12-2018