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Guidance and Psychological Counselling

“I want to be a Psychological Counselor because …”

The need for mental health services is increasing in line with changes and transformation in the world in both developed and developing countries. Individuals and families are faced with significant problems in a rapidly changing contemporary world. For this reason, the psychological counseling and guidance program is updated and developed, prolongedly.

My aim is to be actively involved in this program and become a modern, ethical, and competent counselor who uses the skills of practice and research after graduation.


Educational Content

In the guidance and counseling program, courses include therotical and practical knowledge which are implemented through compulsory and elective courses. The educational content is updated regularly taking into account current living and employment conditions, which allows undergraduate courses to be designed and based on an interdisciplinary approach.

As per the nature of the subjects, the program contains essential topics in psychology, theories and practices pertaining to guidance and  counseling,  techniques focusing on individual and group centered applications, problem solving methods in relation with education and career as well as personal and psychosocial dimensions.

During the first two years of their undergraduate education, students take courses from various departments to help develop their general knowledge span. Theoretical and practical courses are taken during other semesters.

Students take their theoritical courses in classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology. In additon, practical teaching takes place under the supervision of lecturers and mentors from the Faculty of Education, schools with the assistance of the Ministry of National Education, special education institutions, and other related institutions. The language of education in this department is Turkish. (The students accepted to the program from Turkey need to make their selection according to their TM-3 scores).

“What are my career opportunities?”

Students who graduate from this department can work either as a guidance counselor or psychological counselors in primary or secondary schools in either the TRNC or Turkey. They can also have careers in nursery schools, special needs education-rehabilitation centers, counseling research centres, and human resources in corporations. After graduation, students wishing to pursue an academic career can continue their education by taking courses in the Master’s (MA) and Doctoral (PhD) degree programs at the University.

The Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department in Brief

The Department aims to provide students with a modern education that is compatible with international quality standards that is contemporary within its orientation in research and consultation. The Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program is based on scentific evidence and practice and is competitive in reaching its aims.

Research and Practice

Under the psychological practicum unit and the expertise of competent staff, every student has the opportunity to conduct research and engage in hands on practice related with their courses or subjects of interest. Students wishing to conduct research are supported and guided by their instructors. Also, students can participate in a variety of scientific organizations, like conferences and congresses, either individually or as a group. These opportunities provide the foundational framework and advantages for both  professional and personal development.


The Department has a four-year degree Course that is based on the capacity of the individual, their psychosocial, educational and vocational guidance raising counsellors who will serve for the healthy development of the individual. The sector needs counselling people able to develop and use life skills and who are both healthy and strong in order to cope with the challenges in their future and to improve their competence to the highest level. After graduating from this department, our students can work as guidance counsellors or psychological counsellors in primary or secondary schools connected with the TRNC and the Turkish Ministry of Educations, or can work in counselling research centres, nursery schools, special needs education centre or in human resources.
Assistant Prof. Dr. Gürcan ÖZHAN

Emre DEMİRCİ, Öğrenci

The goal of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling is to help solve life problems of the individual. Responsibility of a counselor is leading way for eliminating  the problems, while supporting the development of individuals. The most important reasons I chose this program are to help others, to support their self-confidence and it is that I love the interaction with other people.

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