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English Language Teaching

“I want to be an English teacher because …”

It is vital, in our modern world, that the teaching of foreign languages becomes more of an issue to become vitally important. Research is being undertaken and new strategies and techniques devised with the aim of increasing the importance of teaching foreign languages. The studies show that it is more important to teach the learning of a foreign language rather than teaching the language itself. It is necessary to know how to learn English and then how to teach it. So, the knowledge of a language is not sufficient on its own. I am planning to qualify as a fully equipped teacher at primary, secondary and higher education levels as learning the English language is important in our country.

Course Content:

The English teaching curriculum contains modules that improve the knowledge of English, basic language skills, academic education and culture. In addition to theoretical studies the curriculum includes practical studies. In the first year the course focuses on enhancing knowledge of the English language and language skills. After that dominance is placed on the ability to use the language ‘in the field’, a knowledge of idioms and to use English in groups. The Course offers fifteen choices as optional courses including the study of two foreign languages, literature and linguistics. Compulsory modules exist covering experience of schools and teaching practices in both public and private schools.

Students who graduate from the English Language Teaching Course can expect to have careers in primary and secondary schools as well as graduate degree courses. Graduates may be employed in public or private schools, nurseries and education centres. Those who have learnt the language well can find employment in a number of sectors that include: tourism, translation, front office and public relations departments, foreign exchange departments of banks and internal and external sales departments of international companies.

English Language Teaching in Brief

The Department places both a global and a local slant on its education that is student centred and focussed on problem solving being based on learning through assignments. As aspiring teachers our students need to understand the theories of learning and how to implement them in practice. The Course relies heavily on modern technology in its teacher education that includes the use of information technology in modern educational activities.

The traditional teaching approaches are not used in the Department but students are taught the skills required by a ‘learning to learn’ approach that relies on certain skills, attitudes and values aiming to provide an understanding of contemporary education.

Research and Applications

The Department of English Language Teaching uses courses and conferences related to students’ interests and needs and utilises student involvement in theatrical performances and quizzes to help them with their self-development.

School experience and teaching practice courses are carried out under the supervision of teachers from Ministry of Education schools and Faculty staff. Community services courses are undertaken in collaboration with the Department of Social Services allowing our students to be actively involved in various official social service projects.


Our aim is to produce and develop teachers with the ability to speak, read and teach perfect English and who can distinguish the fact that learners have different learning abilities. Additionally, we aim to develop our graduates within their field by providing them with up-to-date literature.
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali YAVUZ, Instructor
Our aim is to provide English language tuition support by the use of information and communication technology. The skills needed to train teachers and the development of necessary materials for the teaching of English using these technologies has gained importance in our Department.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Behbud Muhammedzade, Instructor
Studying at the Cyprus International University is, for me, one of the biggest steps towards a bright future. CIU provides a good future through their highly professional team and the studying of ELT here is one of the biggest privileges that could be given to a student. The highly experienced teachers in the language medium here are just one of the advantages that allow us to develop ourselves. I thank my teachers in advance for the information they have given to me on my way to becoming a successful teacher in my future career. My promise to my teachers is that I will become a confident and successful teacher and I will educate my students in the best possible way.
Serra Terzi, Student

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