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Guidance and Psychological Counselling Program

About the Program

Guidance and Psychologıcal Counseling Bachelor’s Program trains individuals who are able to conceptualize human life as a developmental process, integrate professional development and individual development with respect to individual and societal differences, work with various segments of the society, provide the field's theoretical knowledge and application skills, and they train professionals with flexibility. The students who graduated from the program are able to present the basic concepts and principles of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) field, to evaluate the developmental characteristics and problems specific to the life cycle, to offer individual and group psychological counseling and guidance services in line with the psycho-social needs of individuals, and have the competence to work in cooperation and solidarity with their colleagues.


Educational Opportunities

In Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Program, there are many elective courses in addition to the compulsory courses in the main curriculum and it is also important for our students to keep up with current issues related to the field. In the program, there are many lecture options in group and individual psychological counseling, child abuse, cognitive behavioral therapies, family counseling, scientific research techniques and the like. The Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Degree Program offers the widest range of educational opportunities in terms of being able to develop themselves towards becoming a specialist.

The program utilizes the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Implementation Unit, which provides technology classes, computer laboratories and psychological counseling applications where interactive boards are used. In addition to these, our students are provided with the opportunity to access a large number of electronic and printed publications, research and developments in our rich and self-updating library.


Career Areas

Guidance and Psychological Counseling students who graduate from undergraduate degree program as a psychological counselor or guidance counselor can work as a psychological counselor or guidance counselor in educational institutions, special education institutions, pre-school education institutions, rehabilitation centers, psychological counseling centers of universities, human resource departments of companies, rehabilitation and counseling centers (RDM) of the Turkish Military Forces. Our graduates can also have private work by taking higher education if they want.

Our students are able to carry out scientific researches about the field, make publications, participate in symposiums and conferences related to the field while continuing to the undergraduate program or after graduation. Students and graduates are taking firm steps in their career steps by taking positions in associations and non-governmental organizations that can provide services related to their profession.



Last updated: 22-01-2018