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Computer Education and Instructional Technology

“I would like to become Computer Education and Instructional Technology Teacher because …”

As an individual living in the information century I intend to keep up with all advances in technology and, as a prospective teacher, I believe that I will provide contributions to the educational system by achieving proficiency in instructional technology and the resources available in the teaching process.

Educational Content

The course of instruction to train teachers in the Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching covers all necessary knowledge and skills. Trainee teacher are shown how to make the most of modern information technology in the educational process. Candidates for the teaching profession, trained in solving problems and designing, developing and evaluating educational strategies and products, are further trained in a system involving teaching practices carried out in schools under the supervision of mentors. Teachers need to understand analysis, design, production and projects. Students are taught about the type of materials they have to develop in order to effectively use computers, television and the internet in the classroom being able to apply what they have learnt in a teaching environment.

“What are my career opportunities?”

Graduates of the Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching can work as teachers of Computers in primary and secondary schools, as Computer Education and Instructional Technology Specialists in schools, as developers of Educational Software in computer companies, as Consultants in Information and Computing centres in private or public institutions or become Training and Education Experts. They can have careers as Web-based Training Designers, as Computer Systems and Web Designers, as Multimedia and Graphic Designers, as Educational Software Development Managers and Executives or as Project and Network Managers in private schools, universities and Distance Learning Centres under the Ministry of Education.

Computer Education and Instructional Technology Teaching in Brief

The Department emphasises the way different learning environments should be designed and evaluated and forms a good infrastructure of knowledge and skills in order to develop teaching materials. Individuals are trained able to research in the area of technology and to use modern educational methods such as problem-based learning, discovery learning and cooperative learning. The teaching staff is made up of individuals who are experts in their fields, implement active educational practices and who adopt a good understanding of contemporary education.

Research and Application

Students are encouraged to learn by doing and experiencing in our Department’s important Research and Application courses by utilizing various computer research and practical projects. Conferences, seminars and symposiums are organised periodically to help train individuals who can use scientific thinking and studying, and who are productive and able to think independently. Our laboratory, which can be used for field applications and which is appropriate for the latest technological applications, is available to our students even outside of school hours.


“Students live in a global world in this department and will be aware of the rapidly changing technology as well as the flow of information. Students who learned how to use information communication technologies and appropriate material will transfer their accumulated knowledge to their students. In addition to this, students will be helped with being beneficial to the society.”
Professor Doctor Fatoş SİLMAN, Head of Department
“Our department’s fundamental aim is to enable individuals to develop abilities to undertake research, to investigate, to accumulate information with ease and have a sense of responsibility. Our students are expected to be subject to ethical values and to be industrious and to perform well in their future occupations.”
Associate Professor Doctor Ahmet ADALIER, Lecturer
“In this information and communication era I am extremely happy to keep up with the advances that arrive in our Department every day. I became aware of the information technology that is the basic element of the future education systems. I have improved my skills, in this respect, by undertaking my studies in our Department.”
Hüseyin Göksu, Department Student

Academic Program