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Classroom Teaching

“I want to be a classroom teacher, because …”

I love children and I want them to be educated as modern thinking individuals with a respect for science, can undertake research with a critical approach towards events and facts, assimilate human values, are open to development and equipped with democratic ideals. I am aware of the fact that in order to contribute to the development of such individuals, I should be equipped with similar characteristics myself.  For this reason, my target is to become a teacher displaying all those attributes. I must incorporate a high educational knowledge, knowledge of the profession of being a teacher incorporating a vast basic knowledge and the skills of the teaching profession. I need to place importance on human rights and freedom and to constantly improve myself in order to meet the needs of the changing world through an education in the classroom teaching department.

Course Educational Content

To develop a qualified classroom teacher the Department needs to ensure that students receive an education based on a sound general knowledge incorporating familiarity with educational theories and practical skills. Students become competent teachers by understanding the need and reason to teaching ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’. Important parts of the teaching Course are the extra-curricular activities held either in the university or outside. Students are expected to graduate by gaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes that a classroom teacher should have as a result of the given theoretical and educational courses.

What are my career opportunities?”

Graduates can expect to find employment as classroom teachers in the first to the fifth grades of all official and private primary schools. They can teach in training centres or in other state and private institutions or even become academics in related departments of universities. Our graduates also gain the right to open and manage a primary school.

Classroom Teaching Department in Brief

By taking into consideration the needs of a prospective teacher, this department utilises a student-centred approach in its education. Instead of traditional educational approaches it uses a democratic educational environment in which teachers and students work together in an atmosphere of an exchange of ideas both in and out of the classroom.

Research and Applications

The Classroom Teaching Department uses projects to increase its students’ research skills the results of which may be presented as papers in symposiums or conferences. Many activities are organised to enable students to meet competent scientists and artists. They also have the opportunity to undertake community service with non-governmental organisations.


I believe that our students will reach higher positions than we have ourselves and will develop as qualified teachers by studying science, art, human rights and freedom within the university’s academic and social environment.
Prof. Dr. Müfit Kömleksiz, Instructor
The principal professional satisfaction for instructors is observing that the expression ‘magic years’, which is mostly used to indicate the pre-school period, covers the whole educational life of our students. Being a classroom teacher in primary schools means being ‘everything’ to pupils after their parents. Even a conflict between the child and his parents lasts with the sentence of the child: Do you know better than my teacher?
Since there is a great teacher influence on the child, the classroom teaching students make an effort to be equipped with current, scientific and artistic knowledge and try to transfer this knowledge to their professional lives. As a result of the efforts made during their four-year educational lives, aspiring teachers start their profession to create ‘magic lives’ and to spread the light gained by Atatürk’s principles.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Sevilay Atmaca, Instructor
“The role of the classroom teachers is crucial in building a society. I enter my lessons with excitement as I think of the day when I will see my students as teachers using democracy and the principle of equality as a life philosophy and are equipped with knowledge and teaching techniques.”
Dr. Tuba Gökmenoğlu, Instructor
“Now I have the excitement of studying in the CIU Department of Turkish Language teaching – the biggest dream of my life. I study with its lecturers who give great importance to us in the atmosphere of learning that is based on participation and cooperation. I take pride in being able to take part in training individuals of the next generation who are conscious about life, seek solutions for the problems of the community, are democratic and foresighted.”
Nevruz Yıldırım, Department Student

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