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Pre-School Teacher Education Program

About the Program

Brain development is the highest during the first five years of life. All of social-emotional, language, psychomotor skills develop very fast during early childhood. Preschool teachers are the most important piece in this period. They do an extraordinary amount of work for the future of our lives and the universe. A high-qualified preschool education is one of the utmost gifts we can give our children. There are 52 core and 7 elective courses to be completed. First year student teachers are supposed to complete service courses. From the beginning of the second year students deal courses that focus on related theories and applications. This program delivers a solid ground for the education of 36 – 72 months children. Preschool education department offers wide choice of electives including; construction of creative toy, child law, early literacy, child and crime and etc. Practice teaching courses are conducted at preschools in the region.


Educational Opportunities

Cyprus International University provide a comprehensive approach to mentor undergraduate students through teaching and research to help them pursue careers addressing the importance of early childhood education. Preschool teachers are supposed to complete three application courses during the program; practice teaching I, practice teaching II and school experience. Since CIU is located very close to other preschools, student teachers can easily reach any preschools or educational resources and practice teaching experiences with qualified teachers. Students can also have degrees from double major or major/minor program from relative programs. The preschool club  offesr both social and academic activities throughout the year. Many remarkable speakers who have expertise in the field of education and give speeches and seminars. Besides workshops and sightseeing tours are organized to build sense of teamwork, culture, community and pedagogical content knowledge to help students apply these skills and information to their teaching processes.


Career Areas

Preschool teachers are focused on instructing children between 3 – 6 years old. They can work at public schools of National Ministry of Education, private preschools and any other preschool education institutes. They can also study master and PhD degrees and work at the universities. Based on earn certificates during bachelor program they can also widen job opportunities such as family support specialists or child development consultant. They also may work on materials and software needed in pre-school education institutions in both written and visual media required in special or preschool education. Many organizations and associations may also need educators who are specialized on early childhood education for instance childcare centers, hotels, shopping malls are also other places that can seek for a preschool teacher. Besides, an after school care teacher positions are also a possible position for particular regions.



Last updated: 27-01-2018