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Classroom Teaching Program

About the Program

The elementary years are crowned with the "magic years of life" discourse, because it is observed that this magic individual continues to be the whole educational experience. One of the greatest occupational satisfaction sources of us as educators is contributing to these developments. To be a classroom teacher in primary education institutions means to be "everything" after the parents of the children of that age. Even the time comes, a discussion between the parents and the child is closed with the claim that “You don’t know better than our teacher.". While class teachers with such high values ​​of influence are equipped with up-to-date, scientific and artistic knowledge as they grow up in the Department of Elementary Teacher Education in the CIU; they strive to blend the ways of bringing them into their professional life in the most contemporary way, with the pre-events they bring to the calling and learning environment. As a result of the efforts made during the four-year undergraduate education, our candidate teachers start their "magic of life" by being chosen by private and official institutions to disseminate the strengths of Atatürk's principles and revolutions.


Educational Opportunities

In this section, the strategies, methods and techniques that take center of the student are employed and the appropriate tools and equipment are used as far as possible, taking into consideration the features that should be present in the teachers that we will train. Instead of adopting traditional education approaches, an approach is adopted in which the teachers and students work collaboratively, a democratic environment based on the active involvement of students in the foreground of class and classroom communication and interaction.
A strong teacher should be equipped with three qualifications: teaching profession skills, subject area knowledge and general culture. Using the privilege of being a "campus university" like the CIU and all the facilities offered by the Faculty of Education; we strive for our teacher candidates to be equipped with these three qualifications. We hope that our candidate teachers who graduate from the Department of Elementary Teacher Education will be taught by the profession of teaching professions they acquire, by learning about the subject area, and by enjoying their general culture and professions they acquire and not from the pioneers of social change.


Career Areas

In the Department of Elementary Teacher Education, research projects are carried out in the field of classroom teaching in order to increase students' application and research competencies. The results of these projects can be presented as presentations at different symposiums and congress. In addition to this, activities are organized to meet with competent scientists and artists in the field. In addition, community service activities are carried out with various non-governmental organizations.
Classroom Teaching Department students can work as classroom teachers in grades 1-5 of all formal and private primary schools. In addition to this, you can work in the courses related to the field, can manage, can give different courses. They also have the right to open and manage the primary school within the framework of our facilities. Our desired graduates can take an academic career path by conducting postgraduate studies in other fields where classroom teaching and educational sciences and graduates can take place.


Last updated: 23-01-2018