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From The Dean

People who are aware that the 21st century is the era of education, knowledge and technology, will undoubtedly prefer the Faculty of Education. The CIU Faculty of Education was established in 2006 and is now the most rapidly growing faculties of TRNC with departments covering the Teaching of the Mentally Handicapped, English Language, Turkish Language, Pre-school and Arts and Crafts. It includes Computer Education, Classroom Teaching Courses and Guidance and Psychological Counselling. All courses are approved by the Turkish Board of Higher Education (YÖK) and The Accreditation Board of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (YÖDAK). The purpose of the Faculty of Education is to ‘educate future teachers who are equipped with contemporary knowledge, know how to obtain and share information with the community’.

Modern education is unlike traditional approaches as its intention is that individuals become creative and inquisitive with the Faculty bringing contemporary education to the forefront and to ‘teach students how to learn’. The Faculty has a large staff of academic members, computer labs with internet connections and classes based on the principle of educating future teachers knowing how to obtain up-to-date information using computers that run interactively with a variety of educational software. All Faculty courses include a theoretical aspect studied in environments supported by modern technology and a practical facet of teaching practice, under supervision, in schools of the TRNC Ministry of Education. Faculty lecturers are accomplishing new discoveries in scientific, academic and social work with students taking part in events at home and abroad.

Some of the notable events organised recently by the Faculty of Education:

  • For two years faculty members have been participating in different European countries in a student pre-school exchange project.

  • In meetings organised by the faculty and the Ministries of Education of Turkey and the TRNC to determine ‘teacher’s qualifications’.

  • Numerous events, such as conferences and seminars, have been held by the first TRNC Department of Teaching the Mentally Handicapped and other faculty departments.

The CIU Faculty of Education with its forward looking vision has since its foundation managed to be the centre of interest at home and abroad with its position of being the richest faculty in the TRNC. We invite everyone, who has discovered that this is the era of education, knowledge and technology, to join the Faculty’s community.

Prof. Dr. Muhittin Tuş