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From The Dean

Every revolution has its own spirit. The 21st century is the time frame in which many truths that we know in the past have been redefined or lost their validity. We have to equip teachers of the New Age with new age skills. Teacher training forms the basis of educational systems. We have to train good teachers today that fundamentally changed the approach to education. Good teachers are educated with good academic staff, environment and philosophy. In these days when we have to pass from the concept of "teaching" to the concept of "learning", to the understanding that focuses on the knowledge as a centre of the student, we are confronted as the basic occupation and development area of teacher training countries. Comparisons of countries are now being categorized as having a good and bad educational system, with students being successful and not at international examinations.

Founded in 2006, our faculty is;

A social goal - based on value,
Not limited to school,

 It is not a diploma - it is pursued with an understanding, which emphasizes ability.
Learning that individualized,
 Improved ability to do joint work,
 High demand for participation in social environments, improved sense of community service,
The project maker and the implementer,

Insights continues its education.


Last updated: 19-09-2018