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International Relations

About the Department

The main objective of the International Relations Department is to provide students the knowledge to enable them to resolve both national and international conflicts and to analyse the changes theoretically. The changing dynamics of international relations are interpreted multi-dimensionally by up-to-date discussions on the phases of international relations and co-operation in the globalised world. Our curriculum, updated to incorporate international relations and disagreements, uses techniques that involve discussions of problems using both national and global approaches.


Educational Opportunities

Our program is supported by courses in International Organisations, Comparative Politics, International Security and the Theory of International Relations. In the fourth year, students study the solution of problems and unsolved conflicts in current international systems by attending courses in International Conflicts, Turkish Foreign Policy and Seminars.Aiming to improve its students’ ability to provide analytic knowledge, the International Relations Department studies the changing systems of international relations by coming up with research topics and collective work groups. Our Department employs many researchers and foreign policy experts to help students follow recent and national matters. It holds global and national conferences and workshops on ‘Diplomacy Days’. A Social and Strategic Politics Research Centre has been founded in order to centralise the academic studies carried out in the department.


Career Areas

The Department of International Relations at CIU aims to train students not only to become experts in their chosen field, but also to be able to work with an international vision. In short, using their ability and background they are able to put their theoretical and professional knowledge into practice in such organisations as:

 -International and National Organisations (United Nations, European Union, IMF, etc.)

-Public Institutions

-Multinational Companies

-Visual and Printed Press

-Non- Profit Organisations


-Ministry of Foreign Affairs

International Relations branches of national, international and global institutions have also employed our graduates.



Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Çevik Uraz Center, A236

99258 Nicosia/North Cyprus

Mersin 10, Turkey 

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 (ext 2201)

Fax: +90 392 671 1142

Faculty E-mail: secretary-fea@ciu.edu.tr

Head of the Department Email:  mdirekli@ciu.edu.tr 


Last updated: 24-10-2018