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European Union Relations

I want to study European Union relations because;

“In the restructuring world, I want to better understand Europe, an important area of culture, economics, politics and organisation, and its institutions and specialise in them. I think that having an education concerning Europe, which is one of the outstanding areas in the globalised world, will provide me job opportunities in all countries that relate to this area.”

The European Union Relations Department in brief

European Union Relations is a four-year undergraduate program that gives interdisciplinary education in the internal structure, external relations of the European Union and an understanding into its socio-economy, culture and institutionalization. The Department aims to make students understand the EU and its place in the international system by using study areas such as international relations, the law, communication, sociology, economics, business, finance and intellectual history. The academic program focuses on the importance of interdisciplinarity, versatility and multi-culturalism. The courses in the program provide students with the need to improve at least one European foreign language in addition to English the main language of the education program. The academic program helps students to advance their knowledge in many European topics and their intellectual, methodological, communicative, technological skills.

The European Union Relations Department provides students opportunities to strengthen their education by utilising the one-year exchange program with a European university. The department also provides students opportunities to undertake internships in European institutions and EU-related institutions, organizations, companies and civil society organizations. Students meet experts in their fields of study, share their ideas and put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the regular conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops.

Graduates have advantages in job opportunities because they receive tuition about EU regulations and the institutional structure, and they develop the intellectual equipment to understand European Union relationships. The Department has advantages in job opportunities for graduates as they have the qualities to work in different fields in Europe in both public and private sectors. Graduates can seek employment in institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU Ministry of Foreign Trade, municipalities and in foreign trade departments of private companies, non-governmental organisations and research and reflection foundations.


The most important reason to choose joining the EU Relations Department is: The EU is becoming one of the most important organisation in the globalised world and my country needs EU expertise in its EU integration process. I was in the 4th year in this department when I received job offers making me I understand that when I graduate I will have a wide range of job opportunities. I believe that CIU educates me to be fully equipped in the area of the EU. I never felt regretful for choosing this university and this department and I think I will never be regretful.
Alper Volkan Karpuz (Student)

Academic Program