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Accounting and Finance

About the Department

The bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance provides theoretical, conceptual, technical, and practical knowledge in managing the financial function in every organization: financial or non-financial, private or public, large or small, profit seeking or not for profit.  This degree is extremely specialized: the curriculum requires study sufficient for professional practice in financial accounting, intermediate accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, international financial reporting standards, auditing, financial management, financial markets and institutions, investments, financial statement analysis, international finance and corporate finance. The curriculum also includes intermediate coursework in business law, international law and economics and general coverage of management theory and business mathematics and statistics. Practical classes will equip students with the knowledge and skills that will be needed in real life business like analyzing and auditing the financial statements of companies.


Educational Opportunities

Our program is not only focus on the theories of accounting and finance but also help students to deepen their understanding of the inner workings accounting and finance sector in the real world. Department staff see the necessity of improving and introducing modern teaching techniques such as term projects and practical application of knowledge and skills that provide opportunities for students to follow the latest developments in the worldwide capital market. Our program will prepare students in the best way for the accounting and finance field by providing them most recent theoretical information and empirical applications. Our finance lab would help our students become competitive and contribute to their employability in both national and international job markets. Upon graduation, our students will be able to confidently invest in the securities market and manage their funds carefully.


Career Areas

After completion of the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, students will have excellent job opportunities in accounting and finance sectors such as accounting and financial consultancy companies, independent auditing institutions, banks, finance companies, stock exchange intermediaries and brokerage houses, public finance institutions and accounting and finance departments of business enterprises. Graduates will also have a chance to work as a Certified Public Accountants and/or Certified Financial Officers., auditors, consultants, lecturers, pursue professional accountant status or work as financial officer. On the other hand, our program also prepare our students to excel academically and pursue an academic career by completing our master.  



Cyprus International University
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Çevik Uraz Center, CU236
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2201
Faculty E-mail: secretary-fea@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ağa
Head of Department  E-mail: maga@ciu.edu.tr


Last updated: 26-12-2018