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From The Dean

Dear Students,

University students should aim to keep up with the consistently changing and improving global environment and to advance themselves in their areas of interest. In this sense, our first aim is to carry our students to a point where they will be able to adapt themselves to globalization trends, to find employment in their own fields and to achieve their academic carrier targets after they graduate.

Our faculty currently involves four departments in which language of instruction is English; Business Administration, International Relations, European Union Relations, Social Work anad Accounting and Finance. Our faculty serves to raise individuals, whose main aim is to research, to think critically and continously to improve, by the agency of experienced faculty members.

Students will be equipped with both theoretical and practical information regarding their departments throughout their studies as well as they will take the advantage of the education instructed in English language. Our university provides the best circumstances that is essential for qualified education and also allows the students to involve in projects to enhance their practical knowledge.

Students are able to benefit from the educational, social and cultural activities provided by our university and they will have the opportunity to find jobs easier with the information, skills and experiences they gain from our faculty. By the means of international qualifications of our university as well as our faculty, students take the advantage of receiving education and experiencing a multicultural environment and comprehending the global concept of diversity.

Experienced and qualified lecturers, from both academic sector and industry sector, are giving education in our faculty in order to provide qualified educational services to the students which is also the main aim of CIU.

As the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, we are working towards raising students who will have global economic and social contributions and we would like to say welcome and to wish success on their studies to those students who have chosen our faculty for their higher education.