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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


History and Development 

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which has operated since the day of the establishment of the Cyprus International University, is one of the most prominent faculties of our university and North Cyprus. Since the year of establishment, faculty had the Departments of Business Administration and International Relations and is continuesly adding new departments in order to adapt to changing and developing world.


Mission and Vision

The aim of our faculty is to raise graduates who will be equipped with both theoretical and practical information regarding their departments throughout their studies as well as they will take the advantage of the education instructed in English language.

By the means of international qualifications of our university as well as our faculty, students take the advantage of receiving education and experiencing a multicultural environment and comprehending the global concept of diversity.

Our faculty targets to have graduates who benefit from the educational, social and cultural activities provided by our university and will have the opportunity to find jobs easier with the information, skills and experiences after their education in order to benefit our country both socially economically.