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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

The aim of the Faculty is to graduate students equipped with the knowledge and skills demanded by the industry. The courses offered in English by the Faculty, within its four Departments, are updated each year and are supported by the programs and internship opportunities offered to students. Today, because of the importance of foreign languages and the use of computers, students have the opportunity to study English, German, French, Italian and Chinese as well as access the computer laboratories. In addition, students elect to take courses to broaden their development when they attend lessons within other Departments. Students apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during training, as well as gain the ability to talk about and to share the results of their research. These graduates achieve a competitive advantage as these studies contribute to the life, positions and the business they desire. On the other hand, students acquiring knowledge is not enough, as, in the face of social development and change, the emphasis should be on renewing themselves constantly by being innovative and open to change as individuals to take part in the community.