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Faculty of Communication


History and Development

Faculty of Communication was established in 1997, the same year Cyprus International University itself was founded. The faculty, which was then comprised of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Radio and Television departments, is one of the oldest faculties of CIU. Because the total of 27 students from Turkey and TRNC would first have to complete the English Preparatory School, the classes of the Faculty had commenced in the 1998-1999 Academic Year. The first graduation of our faculty was in 2002. The Visual Communication Design department was established within our faculty in 2008. Our Master’s and PhD programs were also established in 2008, with the strength we receive from our students and graduates, which are growing in numbers each year.


Mission and Vision

In the age of information and knowledge, the conceptual tools that the communication sciences provide are essential for us to understand and comprehend the speed of this new age. The Faculty of Communication aims to educate qualified advertisers, journalists and radio-TV broadcasters who can find a place in the competitive environment of the media sector, who are equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills required by the profession, adopt professional ethics principles, evaluate themselves and the world in a questioning manner, and have practical skills for developing practical solutions to problems.

Education Opportunities

Besides the full time academic staff, academic course program of Faculty of Communication is supported by part-time instructors from media industry and also media specialists who are invited to courses to share their experiences.

Faculty of Communication students also have the opportunity to work in the CIU News Agency and CIU Radio and Television studios, which allows them to develop their practical skills.

Students are supported and encouraged during their education to work in Radio-TV studios in a variety of technical fields such as production and broadcasting. Students can benefit by using the studios to work as assistants or work there as their extra-curricular studies.

The News Agency is the most extensive extracurricular activity undertaken in the Faculty. News stories are monitored on a daily basis, prepared, arranged and edited for national media organisations, and published by students on the University and News Agency news websites (ajans.ciu.edu.tr) in Turkish and English.

Last updated: 22-01-2018