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Visual Communication Design


“I would like to study the design of visual communication because …”

I love transferring my knowledge, ideas and dreams using photographical images, videos and films. It makes me very excited to see that my work, or a film of my stories, have been published.


Context of an Education

This department teaches recent aesthetic tendencies and theoretically based mutually interactive courses allowing students, with their lecturer’s help, to discover their own creative potential and to be able to understand visual communication workshop applications practically such as video production, multi media design, 3D or 2D graphic animation, graphic editing, and template design. The course is taken in English in an international atmosphere with experienced lecturers.


“What are my career opportunities?”

Department graduates have the opportunity to make their careers in these fields:

  • Web Design,

  • Animation

  • Design of Interactive Information

  • Computer design of Multimedia and Graphics

  • Advertising and Public Relations

  • Video and Film Production

  • Design of Special Effects

  • Post-Production work

  • Creative Work or Art Work used in Advertising Agencies

  • PC Software Screen Work

  • Local Regional TV Units and Regional Montage on National TVs

The Visual Communication Design Course in Brief

The Course utilizes a combined interdisciplinary approach using art and technology supported by other scientific disciplines allowing Department students to have real work experience during their education in the TRNC’s media organisations, agencies and printing presses.


Research and Applications

The Department is one of the richest departments regarding research and its application as well as having production areas used by CIU Radio, TV studios and computer laboratories that allow students to gain experience in video editing, interactive media, internet sound recording and technical effects.



“Visual Communication Design is a multidisciplinary field which can extend into many different field including photography, demography graphic design and multimedia. The targets of the Department are to train individuals for work in this field that combines different disciplines by creative integrity within itself, and to be the centre of excellence in the field of visual communication design.”
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin ÇOLAK, Head of Department
I am very happy to study Visual Communication Design within an international atmosphere. Even though I am far away from my country, I believe I made the right choice when I think about the quality of education and new friendships that I have made here.
Emuze O. SONALA, Department Student
With the education I am receiving from my department, I believe I will be an in demand graphics and multimedia designer able to use the technologically offered by today’s information age. I have developed skills of visual expression, communication, and the professional skills of analysis, and I am creative.
Serhat DÖNMEZER, Department Student