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Advertising and Public Relations

Program Educational Goals

The Cyprus International University Department of Advertising and Public Relations aims to graduate students who:

PEG1: Have gained professional knowledge and skill in the fields of Advertising and Public Relations, 
PEG2: Can design and carry out Advertising and Public Relations campaigns,
PEG3: Are able to generate novel and creative ideas,
PEG4: Can propose constructive solutions to problems,
PEG5: Are able to think from a critical perspective,
PEG6: Understand the research methods used in the fields of Advertising and Public Relations,
PEG7: Can use new media and new communication technologies, are able to use computer programs used in the field of advertising and public relations to at least the advanced level of The European Computer Driving Licence, 
PEG8: Possess advanced written and oral communication skills,
PEG9: Are aware of their social responsibilities in the society and in the world,
PEG10: Are competent users of the English language on the B1 Level of The European Language Portfolio,
PEG11: Are conscious of behaving in accordance with professional ethics and have a sense of responsibility,
PEG12: Can use information pertaining to their field regarding occupational health and safety.

Last updated: 05-12-2018