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Advertising and Public Relations

Program Outcomes


PO1:   Have a basic theoretical knowledge in the fields of public relations, advertising and communication.
PO2:   Understand that public relations is a function of management.
PO3:   Understand the importance and role of public relations, publicity and advertising within the scope of integrated marketing communication. 
PO4:   Know organizational communication models and how they operate. 
PO5:   Know how to do research, make a plan, put the plan into practice, assess and evaluate the results. 
PO6:   Know the process of crisis management and how to find solutions to problems within the field of public relations. 
PO7:   Have knowledge of perception and reputation management for institutions and organizations. 
PO8:   Understand media and digital media communications related to the publicity of institutions and organizations. 
PO9:   Know how to make periodic reportage about the activities within the field. 
PO10: Know effective methods of presentation within the field. 
PO11: Know how to create advertising messages appropriate for the target audience. 
PO12: Understand media planning. 
PO13: Know the advertising and campaign processes carried out within traditional and new media. 



PO14: Carry out internal and external communication processes within institutions and organizations. 
PO15: Organize all kinds of events within institutions and organizations. 
PO16: Determine the appropriate medium, equipment and materials fit for purpose within public relations and advertising works. 
PO17: Develop solutions fit for strategic purposes in accordance with research results. 
PO18: Have the ability to think strategically.  
PO19: Have the ability to use the necessary audio-visual communication tools within the fields of public relations and advertising. 
PO20: Create advertising messages by taking different characteristics of different communication mediums into consideration. 
PO21: Plan and carry out traditional and new media advertisement campaigns. 
PO22: Use digital media and social media within the fields of public relations and advertising. 
PO23: Follow social changes and developments closely, research changes in consumer behavior and use the gathered data in advertising messages. 



PO24: Predict potential crises within institutions and organizations, take action to prevent the crisis, and if necessary take an active role in its solution. 
PO25: Show competence in active listening, critical analysis and problem solving. 
PO26: Evaluate the knowledge and skills gathered within the field with a critical approach. 
PO27: Have an administrative perspective.
PO28: Behave in accordance with protocol and etiquette/social rules of behavior. 
PO29: Follow the development of the profession in the world and adapt accordingly. 
PO30: Have the ability to follow the economic, social and political agenda of society and use it for the public interest. 
PO31: Take responsibility independently or as a part of a team to solve problems. 
PO32: Show sensitivity toward remaining loyal to universal values, laws and ethical principles while practicing their profession.

Last updated: 05-12-2018