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Advertising and Public Relations

“I’d like to study Advertising and Public Relations, because …”

There is no doubt about it that there are few professions where art and money combine. Therefore, I think advertising is the right choice for those who want to earn money while dealing with art. Advertising and Public Relations are part of our daily lives that will never change as long as we have television, radio, the internet and social media in our lives. I would like to take part in this world and create my own sector as my aim is to influence mass groups by writing, taking photos, organizing campaigns, and working on advertising and public relations projects.

Educational Content

Advertising, case studies in public relations and consumer behaviors are included in the academic content of the Business and Economics course that prepare students for the world of business. Students learn by practice by working on campaign projects, the media, copy writing  advertising and public relations. All these projects are currently being used in media and are analysed by students who construct new campaigns for products by creating new promotional/marketing strategies.

What are the career opportunities?

Graduates of the department can work at advertising agencies, public relations and communications consulting, press and public relations departments of public institutions, marketing, advertising, public relations and corporate communications departments of private enterprises. For advertising and public relations graduates who are good at English literature, international advertising agencies are very popular. Agencies, banks, large industrial enterprises and foreign trade companies are other work places. Our graduates, who generally has the titles of corporate communication director, copywriter, media planner, public relations specialist, and advertising director, also have the option of continuing their academic career by entering post graduate programs.

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations in Brief

Advertising and Public Relations, which is the art of creating perception, shaping consciousness and persuasion, is not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s essential working field.

Research and Applications

Famous names in the industry share their knowledge and experience with our students by participating in courses and conferences. Our Department has also an advertising and public relations club where students can create and apply their knowledge in advertising and public relations campaigns. Students participate in national and international competitions with project work, and they practice with professionals in workshops. The students receive the latest information and applications through special seminars and workshops. The Department organises conferences and symposiums that allow students the opportunity to question leading names in the field of public relations.


At Cyprus International University’s Department of Advertising and Public Relations we aim to prepare our students to pursue careers in diverse advertising and public relations fields, including a wide variety of settings in mass media, business, government and nonprofit organizations. Hence, our curriculum is designed to provide students with an extensive knowledge in both theoretical and practical education with a professional focus. Various activities organized by students in the Advertising and Public Relations club enable our students to gain experience in hands-on, real-life public relations opportunities before their graduation.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Bahar TAŞELİ, Head of Department
In the Advertising and Public Relations Department the curriculum includes courses that provide both theoretical and practical focus which prepare us for professional life with superior skills and knowledge. Through student club and organizations we are given the opportunity to be involved in social and cultural activities which contribute greatly to our personal development. With all these, we graduate as analytic, innovative, creative, and ethical communication experts.
Mehmet Ali Berber, Student
In the culture I grew up, there is a very huge space between a student and his/her teacher. But here in the Cyprus International University Communication Faculty all the professors and instructors are simply my closest friends. Great Love and Respect to them for being a very close friend to all of us students from Tanzania, Georgia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Turkey, Kenya, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Lebanon, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Ukraine, Somalia, Kirghistan, Zambia, and many more countries who makes up Cyprus International University INTERNATIONAL.
One of the most popular professions in the current century is advertising and public relations. I have learnt to improve my knowledge and creativity with the education I received in the Cyprus International University Public Relations and Advertising Department. Before my graduation, I was offered jobs with the help of our experienced academics. However, one part of me wants to be an academic. I thank my faculty and the University for trusting in me and giving me education and qualifications.
Burcu Işın, Graduate

Academic Program