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Faculty of Arts and Sciences



This Faculty is the main academic unit in CIU and has been running its undergraduate programmes since the 2003-2004 academic year and its postgraduate programmes since 2007-2008.


Mission and Vision

Our vision is split into the two dimensions of both Art and Science.There are many staff, programmes and activities to ensure that the Faculty fulfils its selected purpose and achieves its goals of providing a modern structure in its education.

Our main aim is to ensure that our university students from Turkey and other countries are not homesick. The second target is to be one step ahead in scientific competence when compared to other Universities.


Educational Opportunities

English is the medium of education used in Psychology, but Turkish is used in studying the Turkish Language and Literature. Thus, Students have some opportunities to study in the universal environment. After students graduate the Faculty offers both postgraduate and doctorate programmes using modern educational methods and equipment. Students receive support in their studies by taking optional courses in different science culture and art areas.

Some structural properties of Faculty of Arts and sciences:

-Course syllabus are designed with regard to recent developments

-Lessons are taught with modern technological equipment.

-Student-centred learning methods are used.

-Extra curricular activities are provided.

-Guest academicians and literary names contribute to conferences.

-Students are provided with extra curricular studies and seminars delivered by their lecturers.

-As a result of subscribing to 15 literature magazines published in Turkey, students are provided with the opportunity to have access to recent literary studies.

The Faculty is proud of its graduates who leave with positive thinking and optimistic attitude to the future.

Last updated: 22-01-2018