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Turkish Language and Literature

“I would like to study Turkish Language and Literature because …”

As one of our famous novelists, Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu, said “The function of literature is to teach thinking more beautifully and accurately and to teach a person to be a good man.” I would like to study in this Department in order to identify my ‘inner me’ so that I can make the right decisions. I am particularly interested in Turkish language, one of the richest languages in the world, and Turkish literature, which is full of valuable literary works.

The content of the Programme

The Department of Turkish Language and Literature allows students to study the branches of Turkish culture and literature in all their periods. The main courses in Turkish Folk Literature, which includes classic literary works of the Turkish language, are added to by courses in New Turkish Literature, Old Turkish Literature, and Turkish Language, Western Literature, World Literature, Turkish Cypriot Literature and myths courses. The skills enabling analysis and interpretation of the Turkish and TRNC cultures are gained thanks to Turkish Folk Literature and Folklore courses. There is a course in Modern Turkish Dialects covering the teaching of several dialects. The Modern Turkish Literature module introduces valuable information about Middle Asian Turkish Republics that provide various job opportunities for students choosing to work within this topic. Students improve their skills in the fields of talking, presenting and role playing by taking courses such as diction, oral narration and theatrical role playing. Courses such as aesthetics, history of thought and history of the Turkish Culture help students to develop a different point of view towards life, events and people.

What are my Career Opportunities?

Graduates of the Turkish Language and Literature Department are able to become Turkish Language and Literature teachers in secondary schools after being trained to teach. They can also be employed as programme producers, news editors and presenters in Radio and TV. Graduates can also work as editors or proofreaders in the printing industry and in publication institutions. The artistic productivity of the literature might also be a bright and interesting pursuit area for the students. Those who have developed skills in the Ottoman Language can work in libraries and archive institutions.

Researches and Practices

A series of conferences are held every year and activities are organised as part of the national memorial days to include student contributions. Students are encouraged to study a second language such as Russian, Italian, Spanish or Chinese. Short trips and similar activities are organised in order to provide a social aspect to Departmental courses.


The main goals and objectives of our Faculty are to reflect our admiration to the universities on the island and to be to the forefront in every way. The key task of the Faculty is to give more students a contemporary education using its infrastructure and competent staff. We present a Faculty to young university candidates want to establish a confident future to convert their hopes to reality.
Prof. Dr. Metin KARADAĞ – Dean
The pride and target of our Faculty is finding careers for graduates from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the Cyprus International University.
Prof. Dr. Sabahattin KÜÇÜK – Head of Department
Our administration with its teachers who are the best in their departments provides many opportunities for our university. Students, who have graduated from the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, have language, culture and literature, experience and knowledge for the future.
Yusuf Tatlı (Graduate student)
I am very happy when I finished the Department of Turkish Language and Literature that trains us to be well-equipped in the Turkish language and culture, directed our research and studies and evaluated our typing. I believe that my study for my Master’s degree will be an opportunity to begin my academic career. I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers and to thank them.
Ismail Tek (Graduate)
In our first year we were anxious about studying abroad, but, when we started, with the help of our professors’ interests and behaviour we lost our anxieties. Cyprus International University has a peaceful atmosphere that supports my preference of choice along with the significant factor that the academic staff are in well respected positions.
Eda SERT (student)
I prefer this department because people live to realize their imagination. Perhaps literature can be simple for most of us. However, this department is my imagination. I chose this department and I am very happy as I have always studied literature and it was just an hope that I have realized. The best academic staff was one of the other factors affecting my choice.
Yunus Budak (student)