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Functional MRI and E-prime Software 14.11.2013

The Past and Present of Psychology Department 13.03.2014

Psikoterapiyi Tanıyalım 22.05.2014

Annual Workshop for Psychology Students 22.10.2014


World Psychologists Day 10.05.2015

Neuropsychology and Testing 21.05.2015

Effective Communication Skills for Psychologists 05.12.2015

Scientific Supervision and Support Meeting with Dr. Hüseyin Çakal 24.12.2015

Effective Communication Skills for Psychologists 05.12.2015

CV Preparation, Job Interview and Interview Techniques 05.03.2016

Conference on Gender Equality in TRNC 11.03.2016

Importance of Emotion-Regulation in the Trilogy of Emotion, Thought, and Behavior25.04.2016

Eating Disorders 16.05.2016

'Amelie' Movie Screening and Analysis 09.12.2016

'Takva' Movie Screening and Analysis 14.12.2016

Conflict, Peacemaking or Finding a Solution in Relationships 12/21/2016

Visiting Café Down 23.12.2016

Psychology, Discrimination and Heteronormativity 26.12.2016

'Mind Games' Movie Screening and Analysis 03.01.2017

Peer Bullying and Virtual Bullying 10.03.2017

'Every Child Is Special' Movie Screening and Analysis 22.03.2017

Visitation to a Nursing Home 24.04.2017

TPÖÇG Presentation Day 25.04.2017

Psychological Trauma Conference 26.04.2017

The Right Direction in Your Psychology Career 04.05.2017

1st CIU  Psychology Festival 17.05.2017

3D modeling of Human Brain Development and Function in a Dish 23.06.2017

'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Movie Screening and Analysis 22.11.2017

Psychology Students Fall Semester Information Workshop 23.11.2017

Exams in terms of Measurement and Evaluation Techniques 27.11.2017